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'State of high risk': Climate change set to exacerbate looming global food crisis, McKinsey warns

Consulting giant warns war in Ukraine, lingering Covid-driven supply issues, and heat waves and droughts cold leave world short of 60 million tonnes of grain by end of 2023 Heatwaves and droughts caused by climate change are expected to be a major driver of looming global food shortages, with the resulting... go to Article >

What does the falling pound mean for the green economy?

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BusinessGreen talks to green business and finance experts about how the slump in sterling might impact businesses and investors driving the UK's transition to a low carbon economy The pound fell to a 37-year low against... read more

UK lawyers warn unchecked climate change threatens 'end to rule of law'

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Letter from over 170 leading lawyers and Kings Counsel members argues profession should 'use their influence for good' More than 170 leading UK lawyers, including members of the Kings Counsel, have warned that breaching... read more

Report: Cutting UK energy demand 'essential' to tackling cost of living and climate crises

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The government’s action plan for guiding the UK through the worsening energy crisis lacks energy efficiency and demand policies, report warns A robust strategy to reduce energy demand in the UK for this winter and beyond... read more

How deeper global clean tech collaboration is needed to avoid net zero delay

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Joint IEA, IRENA, and UN assessment of COP26 Breakthrough Agenda sets out priorities for collaborative climate action between businesses and governments The global net zero transition risks being "delayed by decades" unless... read more

'I don't see us slipping back': Paul Polman on COP27, the energy crisis, and why net zero is winning the argument

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Former Unilever CEO and leading green business campaigner talks to BusinessGreen about the huge challenges facing corporate climate efforts "I help politicians, and I have a lot of time for them, but I'm a little bit of a... read more

Could offering lower interest rates to green projects help keep net zero on track?

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The Bank of England is facing calls to introduce a secondary interest rate for green borrowing required to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil gas driving the energy crisis The Bank of England is facing calls to revamp its... read more

'Uncharted territory of destruction': WMO warns climate impacts are worsening as emissions rise

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New report warns world is 'heading in wrong direction' post-pandemic resulting in a 48 per cent chance the global 1.5C temperature goal could be temporarily breached in next five years There is now a near 50-50 chance of... read more

'We need a robust plan': Business leaders urge PM to accelerate net zero transition to tackle energy crisis

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Letter to Liz Truss urges government to prioritise energy efficiency, renewables, and industrial decarbonisation as part of 'robust' energy security and net zero strategy More than 100 of the UK's top businesses have urged... read more

'This is the way to go': In Brussels and Westminster, a new energy order takes shape

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirms fundamental reforms are coming to the European energy market as governments seek to double down on net zero transition It may be long overdue, it may yet falter,... read more

From net zero factions to sewage spills: 10 green questions for the new Prime Minister

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Liz Truss may have been confirmed as the next Prime Minister, but her approach to the big energy and environmental issues facing the UK remains remarkably opaque The Conservative Party's summer-long leadership race has... read more