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Student-loan borrowers are battling for relief even after Biden's administration canceled $2.3 billion: 'We were taken advantage of'

Summary List PlacementNearly 45 million people in the US have outstanding student-loan debt. That adds up to a $1.7 trillion problem. President Joe Biden, who promised during his campaign to immediately tackle the crisis, has moved to do so via the Department of Education, clearing billions of dollars in debt in just a few months.... go to Article >

Student-loan borrowers are battling for relief even after Biden's administration canceled $2.3 billion: 'We were taken advantage of'

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One borrower said Trump's Education Department forgave his federal loans, but at a 0% rate. He's waiting to hear from the Biden administration. read more

As Nina Turner runs for Congress in Ohio's 11th Congressional District, her local roots take center stage

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Summary List PlacementDuring the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner emerged as one of the most passionate surrogates for Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont as he sought the party's nomination.... read more

Access, appointments, and ambition: What Bernie and the left loves about Biden's first 100 days — and what they want done before anointing him the...

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Summary List PlacementHis staff seems "eager to engage." His appointments reflect a "coalition" style of governance. And his policies call for massive federal spending to help those struggling most. Progressives have found a lot to like about... read more

3 things Biden's Department of Education has done so far to tackle the $1.7 trillion student-debt crisis

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Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden has started to act on the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis in the country. His Department of Education has already canceled student debt for about 72,000 defrauded borrowers, and for over 41,000... read more

Here are 5 big revelations in SoFi's plans to go public via Chamath Palihapitiya's SPAC, including how the fintech is thinking about the future of...

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Summary List PlacementNews broke January 7 that personal-finance startup SoFi, last valued at $4.3 billion, is preparing to go public via special purpose acquisition company Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V (SCH). The SPAC, raised by... read more

Grover Norquist is making a return to GOP politics. The Reagan-era acolyte is suddenly relevant again after Trump and now that Democrats are...

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Summary List PlacementHe'll still eviscerate you for even thinking about raising taxes.  But might Grover Norquist's next act involve orchestrating wins on divisive issues like immigration and criminal justice reform without giving an inch on... read more

The case for cancelling student debt isn't political — it's practical. Here are the benefits of erasing $1.6 trillion, no strings attached.

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Summary List PlacementLayla is in no rush to finish up her doctoral degree in educational leadership. Graduating means she would have to start paying an estimated $1,500 to $2,000 per month in student loans, the 35-year-old, who asked to go by... read more

Many stimulus programs are due to expire at the end of 2020, threatening the US economy during the COVID-19 pandemic's most challenging phase

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Summary List Placement A number of critical COVID-19 economic relief programs will expire at the end of the year, which could force millions off of unemployment insurance, push many small businesses to permanently close, and raise the specter... read more

Lawmakers just unveiled the text of their 'Christmas miracle' coronavirus stimulus. Here's what's in the latest attempt to provide relief.

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Summary List PlacementA bipartisan group of lawmakers is taking another stab at breaking the gridlock over a coronavirus relief package. Their new strategy: break up the measure into two separate packages. The goal is to make it easier to pass... read more

Here’s how the US economy could transform under Biden after his appointment of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary — starting with sizable stimulus

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Summary List PlacementJanet Yellen's decades of policymaking experience hint at how she will lead the Treasury Department through the US economic recovery. President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly set to nominate Yellen to run the department,... read more