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The £6,400 fine you could face at the airport

From today, Brits travelling abroad need to complete and carry a new form stating that their trip is permitted under national lockdown rules – or be fined up to £6,400. The post The £6,400 fine you could face at the airport appeared first on Your Money. go to Article >

The 5 best golf shoes for golfers of any skill level

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Table of Contents: Masthead StickySummary List Placement Golf shoes have come a long way in the past few decades. For most of the 20th century, golfers wore what were essentially dress shoes with hard metal spikes molded into the soles. Though... read more

16 of the best Airbnbs near wineries in the US from Napa to the North Fork

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  Summary List Placement Anyone who's ever visited a winery knows that it's all-too-tempting to linger in those beautiful settings. So, why not stay? Find yourself a cozy base camp and spend a few days exploring the vineyards and tasting the... read more

The 33 most innovative HR leaders who steered employees through a global crisis — and the plans they're using to create more flexible, equitable...

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Summary List PlacementTalent leaders have had their hands full. A global pandemic upended traditional models of work as employers across industries sent staff home from the office. Leaders in human resources were tasked with figuring out how... read more

The First and Most Broken Commandment

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John Newton — of “Amazing Grace” fame — once shrewdly wrote to a correspondent that a misunderstanding of the law of God lies at the root of most mistakes in the Christian life. Many of the spiritual masters have agreed with him. That explains... read more

Honda E 2021 long-term review

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Honda’s electric supermini has its charms, but what’s it like to live with? Let’s find out Why we ran it: To see if the E has the everyday usability to match its desirability, despite its relatively short range Month 5 - Month 4 - Month 3 -... read more

Ontario police can stop you just for being outside: Inside the 'strictest' COVID-19 measures in North America

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Citing rising COVID-19 case numbers, on Friday the Province of Ontario enacted one of the strictest lockdowns... read more

7 Reasons Why You're Waking Up Feeling Congested

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If the first thing you do in the morning is reach for your bedside box of tissues to blow your streaming nose – or you find yourself constantly sniffing – listen up. Dr Claudia Pastides, a GP for online doctor service Babylon GP, tells HuffPost... read more

The best credit card bonuses and deals this week include huge welcome offers on the Amex Business Platinum and a brand-new airline credit card

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 Summary List PlacementTable of Contents: Masthead Sticky The New United Quest℠ Card made its debut with a huge welcome offer of up to 100,000 miles. There's an elevated 100,000-point offer on The Business Platinum Card® from American... read more

The 11 best hotels in San Diego for couples, families, business travelers, luxury, and more

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  Summary List Placement With picturesque beach resorts, contemporary downtown hotels, and intimate Spanish-inspired bungalows, San Diego's hotels are as varied and exciting as the city itself. Whether your visit is for business, golf,... read more

The global chip shortage is set to drag on. 4 experts predict how long it could last and how it could affect markets (TSMC, AAPL)

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Summary List PlacementSemiconductors are some of the most critical components for the technology the underpins much of modern life.  Smartphones, PCs, electric vehicles, and even your fancy new refrigerator all use the chips to operate.  When... read more