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The business of COP26 is business

COP26 is showcasing private-sector solutions at a time when policymakers are at loggerheads Earlier this week I hit the ground here in this delightful city of Glasgow, soaking up the human warmth amid the cold and soggy clime. And while we don't yet know where the negotiators will end up on a host of critical... go to Article >

Why Tragedy of Macbeth Is an Excellent Adaption

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The Tragedy of Macbeth is an excellent Shakespeare adaptation because it keeps it simple and doesn't reinvent the wheel. read more

The Guardian view on NHS privatisation: the wrong treatment | Editorial

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The NHS is in crisis, and ministers are taking the opportunity to extend private healthcare’s reach NHS waiting lists are out of control. Around 7.5 million people are queueing for hospital treatment in the UK, around 6 million of them in... read more

Is 2022 The Year We See The End of the Pandemic?

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The worst of the pandemic might be over for us, according to a public health expert.  The pandemic may end as soon as this year due to the billions of vaccine doses handed out and natural immunity achieved, said Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of... read more

The Earth’s core is cooling surprisingly fast, scientists say – and it could tell us how our planet dies

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The Earth’s core is cooling more quickly than we realised, scientists have found – and the discovery could have important implications for the future of our planet. read more

On the frontline of the cost of living crisis

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Households across the UK will see rising prices and stalling wages strain their budgets in the year ahead, money and consumer editor Hilary Osborne reports. Some families are already feeling the pinch It’s being called “the year of the squeeze”:... read more

Britain has passed Omicron peak & the end of pandemic is now in sight, experts reckon

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BRITAIN has passed the Omicron peak and experts reckon the end of the pandemic is now in sight. Infections and hospital cases are falling across the country — the first time both measures have dropped since the ultra-contagious Covid variant swept... read more

Scents and sensibility: what’s behind the rise of extreme smells?

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From tomato-scented candles to perfumes reeking of intimate body parts, the world of smell is getting weirder. But are we ready to take our olfactory desires to the next level? One night last week, I sat in my kitchen with my eyes closed,... read more

Conservatives as the party of business is a ‘distant memory’ – shadow chancellor

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The Conservatives as the party of business is a “distant memory”, the shadow chancellor has claimed. read more

ADVERTORIAL: UK government champions Help to Grow: Management scheme - and the University of Leicester is accepting applications now

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The programme is helping leaders of local SMEs develop their management skills, build an action plan, and grow their business in 2022 read more

Worth the weight? Lotus Emira first ride

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The Emira is claimed to be a sports car for the masses as well as for the purists, despite pushing one and a half tonnes. We see for ourselves “We’ll do a few laps in the electrical car,” says Gavan Kershaw, standing beside a Lotus Emira... read more