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The chief investment officer of an actively managed SPAC ETF that has returned almost 18% this year breaks down his 3-part strategy for picking outperforming blank-check companies — and shares 3 of his favorites

Summary List PlacementJust like the newly filed Do It Again Corp., SPACs are doing it again — breaking the record month after month.  According to Goldman Sachs, 90 Special Purpose Acquisition Companies raised $32 billion in IPO capital in February, the largest issuance month on record. Year-to-date, 204 blank-check companies have... go to Article >

The 33 most innovative HR leaders who steered employees through a global crisis — and the plans they're using to create more flexible, equitable...

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Summary List PlacementTalent leaders have had their hands full. A global pandemic upended traditional models of work as employers across industries sent staff home from the office. Leaders in human resources were tasked with figuring out how... read more

A fund manager beating 99% of his peers at Nobel-winning economist Richard Thaler's investing firm shares 2 mispriced, under-the-radar stocks — and...

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Summary List PlacementWith the ever-increasing bitcoin craze, SPAC boom, and retail trading fervor, Fred Stanske is seeing a lot of irrational investor behavior.  But that's not necessarily bad for Stanske, who manages the $4.3 billion... read more

3 market experts take us inside SPAC arbitrage, the 'simple but not easy' strategy that investors are banking on to print money amid the...

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Summary List PlacementThere's been a broad sell-off in SPAC names over the past two weeks, as the so-called blank-check boom deflates.  For some SPAC investors, it's a welcome change.  Julian Klymochko, who runs the active SPAC-focused... read more

4 investing heavyweight firms answer the 5 most burning bitcoin questions facing investors as the cryptocurrency sees unprecedented volatility

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Summary List PlacementWhen bitcoin's price jumped to $22,500 in the middle of December last year, the cryptocurrency started to hit the headlines again and investors started asking whether they should be invested in bitcoin. Put that question... read more

Tom Finke recounts how he went from running a $345 billion money manager to joining in the SPAC boom as a sponsor — and shares 3 characteristics...

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Summary List PlacementThe red-hot SPAC market broke a new record this week as 133 special-purpose acquisition companies raised around $40 billion this year through Wednesday. It took until October to reach the same number of SPACS last year.... read more

24 podcasts picked by industry leaders, executives, and business school professors that are almost as good as getting an MBA

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Summary List PlacementWhile many people have opinions about the best business podcasts to listen to, Business Insider searched far and wide to assemble a group of select industry thought leaders — CEOs, business school professors, authors,... read more

An ETF provider whose specialty funds have smashed the market breaks down how to capitalize on the red-hot SPAC craze — and shares 4 to watch in 2021

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Summary List PlacementDefiance ETFs, the firm behind the 5G ETF with almost $1 billion assets under management, is now capturing another major trend, special purpose acquisition companies. Paul Dellaquila, who spent 18 years working on... read more