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The good, the bad and the tasty of the US Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act is now law and providing the food sector a whole new world of possibilities As I am sure you've read on every website that ever existed, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law Tuesday afternoon. How does that affect the future of food production in the... go to Article >

The ‘Black Tax’ Is Bulldozing Our Finances

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You’re reading Gen:Blxck, a series exploring Black culture, history, family and identity through the generations.If you’ve done so much as glimpse at a news broadcast recently, you’ll know that any attempts to avoid talk of the cost of living... read more

CCC chief Chris Stark: Government's net zero review is 'nothing to be afraid of'

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Climate Change Committee CEO argues Chris Skidmore-led review offers prime opportunity to boost the case for net zero as solution to cost of living crisis The government's decision to review the UK's 2050 net zero goal is... read more

Chris Skidmore: 'Net zero is no longer a target, but an economic reality'

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Conservative MP and chair of the Net Zero Review's speech at BusinessGreen's Net Zero Festival Thank you for the opportunity to speak at this Festival today. If you had told me just over three years ago, when I was the... read more

Strong Dollar Is Good for the US but Bad for the World

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The Federal Reserve may have no choice but to wage a relentless inflation fight, but countries rich and poor are feeling the pain of plunging currencies. read more

6 Mouthwateringly Affordable Meals That Each Cost A Fiver Or Less

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We’re all looking for ways to save on the basics right now – and food is no exception. It’s been a year of watching grocery prices rise (and rise), but as we head into winter, we’re keen to keep ourselves full and fuelled on colder days.Think you... read more

Converting captured carbon into rock really is that easy

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Icelandic company Carbfix has cracked the code on converting liquified CO2 into rock, leading the charge to capture and store excess carbon Capturing carbon from the atmosphere is quickly becoming a popular venture. The... read more

Global Briefing: Denmark confirms loss and damage funding pledge

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Denmark becomes first UN member to offer loss and damage finance Denmark has this week become the first fully fledge country to promise funds to help developing countries manage climate-related 'loss and damage'. At the UN... read more

'I don't see us slipping back': Paul Polman on COP27, the energy crisis, and why net zero is winning the argument

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Former Unilever CEO and leading green business campaigner talks to BusinessGreen about the huge challenges facing corporate climate efforts "I help politicians, and I have a lot of time for them, but I'm a little bit of a... read more

Could supply chain challenges really stall the electric vehicle revolution?

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The cost of energy and raw materials is soaring as geopolitical tensions mount - can the journey to zero emission road transport navigate the latest bumps in the road? From televisions to food, supply chain disruption has... read more

Global Briefing: COP26 President warns some G20 nations are 'backsliding' on climate action

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Alok Sharma warns of 'backsliding', as G20 climate talks end in deadlock COP26 President Alok Sharma has warned that momentum is in danger of stalling ahead of this autumn's COP27 Climate Summit in Egypt, accusing some G20... read more