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'The inefficiency penalty': Government again urged to get a grip on underpowered energy efficiency policy

CBI leads fresh calls for 'an all-out national effort' to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation efforts Conservative in-fighting may be once again reaching one of its periodic crescendos, but there is another perennial occurrence evident in Westminster today: pleas for the government to do... go to Article >

Tory leadership candidates urged to prioritise measures to decarbonise built environment

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In an open letter from the Building Research Establishment, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are urged to demonstrate how they would decarbonise the UK's buildings Conservative leadership candidates have today faced fresh calls to... read more

Are Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak on a climate collision course with the public?

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Truss and Sunak are battling it out to demonstrate to Conservative viewers their distaste for onshore renewables - but will their contradictory stances on climate action ultimately prove their electoral and economic undoing?... read more

Targets are not enough: Truss and Sunak must outline their plans to get to net zero

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Establishing stability and delivering the legislation needed to deliver net zero should be top of the next PM's to-do list, writes the REA's Amy MacConnachie Boris Johnson's government retained a commitment to reaching net... read more

Energy efficiency scheme delays: Thousands of fuel poor homes to miss out on £600 bill savings

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New analysis suggests ongoing ECO4 insulation scheme delay is costing households hundreds of pounds, as government declines opportunity to boost low cost clean energy development Ongoing delays to the introduction of the... read more

The story of how Britain's energy transition could unfold, told in 10 charts

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The latest edition of National Grid ESO's Future Energy Scenarios report was released this week, setting out the energy system operator's detailed vision for how the net zero transition could accelerate What could the UK's... read more

This is the future climate hawks want to see

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The story about Margaret Thatcher interrupting a long-winded policy discussion by slamming a copy of Friedrich Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty on the table and declaring "this is what we believe" has entered political... read more

Government unveils Energy Security Bill, as crisis grips Number 10

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'Most significant piece of energy legislation in a decade' set to be overshadowed by latest wave of resignations from Johnson government A government rocked by the resignation of both Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health... read more

IEA warns clean energy transition 'harder, riskier, and more expensive' without nuclear

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International Energy Agency argues nuclear power can play a significant role in supporting transition to a renewables-dominated energy system worldwide Nuclear power can help to reduce reliance on risky fossil fuels, cut... read more

Spring Statement: The good, the bad, and the deeply worrying

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Welcome green tax cuts struggled to counter the sense of a Chancellor that does not fully understand the scale of the interlocking environmental, cost of living, and security crises the UK is facing First, the good news,... read more

Study: Insulation and heat pumps can deliver UK energy security more quickly than domestic gas fields

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Fresh analysis from ECIU think tank urges government to pursue energy security strategy that will best reduce households' vulnerability to volatile international gas market prices A national heat pump and home insulation... read more