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The moment of truth?

Eliot Whittington of the Corporate Leaders Group argues COP26 was not the failure some have accused it of being - but now the onus is on businesses to prove their critics wrong I don't know if COP26 was a success, but I would argue that it wasn't a failure. Of course, there are deep failures at the heart of... go to Article >

The Murder of My Aunt by Richard Hull

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I had a little blogging absence because I had a nasty cold – which I presumed might be Covid, given how everyone seems to have it at the moment, but a zillion tests turned out negative. Just a normal cold! read more

The Nilsen Files: The shocking truth I found in the archives

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The filmmaker behind a new BBC documentary focusing on the victims of the case reveals the hard truths behind the investigation read more

Heartbroken Chris Eubank Jr says brother’s death was hardest moment of his life but he ‘lives on via his son’

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CHRIS EUBANK JR admits the death of his brother Sebastian was the hardest moment of his life. Seb tragically passed away last July after suffering a heart attack while watching the sunset in the sea in Dubai. His passing was made even more... read more

Moment dad is gunned down in broad daylight as little girls play in princess dresses - a suspect is still on the run

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The NCA have named Callum Halpin - wanted in connection with the murder of a drug dealer - as one of the UK's most wanted criminals. read more

Trigger Point Is The Explosive New ITV Drama From The Makers Of Line Of Duty – Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you’ve been struggling to fill the Line Of Duty-shaped hole in your life since the BBC police drama wrapped up its sixth season last spring, then ITV has just the show for you this weekend. Sunday sees the launch of explosive new drama... read more

The truth behind Silicon Valley’s obsession with immortality

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Jeff Bezos and the rest of the world’s super-rich are throwing their many millions at life-extending research, but are they making any progress? Samuel Fishwick reports read more

‘I want to capture everyday moments and their special magic’: Juuso Westerlund’s best phone picture

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The Finnish photographer on an intimate shot which captured his youngest son was unawares Juuso Westerlund was passing his family bathroom when he noticed his youngest son, Antero, had climbed up on to the toilet seat. The six-year-old had just... read more

The latest killer asteroid hype is just absurd

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There's no lack of outsized, growing problems for humanity. So we certainly don't need any news sites twisting the truth about the looming menace of colossal asteroids supposedly coming to threaten Earth. Yet, it's happening again. "A... read more

Boris Johnson told to resign and Tory MP defects: Key moments and announcements from PMQs you may have missed

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The Prime Minister faced questions from MPs in the House of Commons today read more

Valerie Bertinelli Was Beside Ex-Husband Eddie Van Halen In His Final Moments, Reveals They Were In A 'Beautiful Place' At The End Of His Life

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The actress opened up in her new memoir about being by her ex-husband's side before his death. read more