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The new money game: How hordes of traders flooded the market and pushed brokerages to rethink how they handle rookie investors

Summary List PlacementAt the start of the pandemic, Maya wasn't paying too much attention to investing. But some of her friends — bartenders and DJs whose work dwindled during a period of social distancing — were. With extra time on their hands, they opened accounts on the startup brokerage Robinhood. "They would start tweeting at... go to Article >

If Robinhood screws you guys again, don't come crying to me

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Summary List PlacementI know it seems like a long time ago, but I remember the yowl of pain that exploded from the internet back in January when Robinhood was forced to halt the buying of meme stocks, particularly GameStop. Reddit's... read more

Generation Robinhood: How the trading app conditioned its users to obsessively play the market

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Summary List PlacementJames Orellana was waiting tables during the pandemic when he decided to give Robinhood a try. The 26-year-old Rutgers University grad wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market but had no idea where to start. Then... read more

Ken Griffin's Citadel and Citadel Securities' profiles have risen with GameStop frenzy. Now the firms have caught the attention of lawmakers.

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Summary List PlacementIt seems that wherever you look in the GameStop frenzy, there's a Ken Griffin connection.  In the past two weeks, the concentrated effort of retail traders, mobilized in large part on Reddit's WallStreetBet's forum and... read more

Inside Morgan Stanley's blowout year, the culmination of James Gorman's decade-long war to win Wall Street

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Summary List PlacementMorgan Stanley CEO James Gorman was giddy. His firm had just announced it was going to buy E-Trade in the largest takeover by a Wall Street bank since the financial crisis. It was a chilly day last February, three weeks... read more

Bank of America warns of 3 looming catalysts that could send the bull market crashing in 2021 – and shares how to position for the 'big change' as...

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Summary List PlacementLast week, the Reddit forum WallStreetBets waged a war against the establishment. A large group of retail investors from the forum pushed up the prices of stocks such as GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC), which... read more

The wealthy flooded 4 suburbs during the pandemic, snapping up large, amenity-laden homes with zero concerns about commutes

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Summary List PlacementOver the last year, the coronavirus pandemic propelled the wealthiest Americans to pick up and relocate, ditching cities and the coasts for refuges in the suburbs, ski towns, and vacation hot spots. A new report by... read more

Reddit day traders wanted to beat Wall Street to prove the system is rigged. Instead, they did it by losing. (GME, AMC, NOK)

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Summary List PlacementKeith Gill, the day trader and member of Reddit group WallStreetBets who is widely credited with igniting the recent GameStop trading frenzy, claimed in late January that he had turned his $54,000 investment into a $48... read more

Investors are flocking to trade Dogecoin and other hot digital tokens with no Robinhood-style restrictions on Voyager. The CEO tells us why Bitcoin...

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Summary List Placement2020 was the year of the digital and online brokers as retail investors flocked to investing and trading apps. However, this popularity has its challenges. Last week, users from the Reddit forum WallStreetBets pushed up... read more

Here's how one SPAC-focused Reddit group is trying to prevent pump and dumps as retail traders throw markets into turmoil (GME)

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Summary List PlacementIf you were watching the battle between day traders and hedge funds that shook up Wall Street last week, chances are you weren't alone if you felt like Reddit and Twitter had become the Wild West of investing. Day traders... read more

Famed short-seller Carson Block says a new type of liquidity bubble is feeding the wild swings in day-trading favorites like GameStop — and warns...

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Summary List PlacementIt's definitely an interesting time to be a short seller. Investors like Carson Block usually earn their money with in-depth research of companies and by making forceful cases to their peers and the public about why a... read more