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The seven benefits that stop when you reach state pension age including Universal Credit

REACHING state pension age means you’ll start getting up to £179.60 per week. But other benefits you get may stop when you reach the current retirement age of 66. Getting the state pension and how much it’s worth will depend on the the national insurance contributions you’ve made over your working life. And you can […] go to Article >

Non-Medical Requirements for SSDI

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Non-Medical Requirements for SSDI rsg Mon, 12/06/2021 - 09:11 If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that prevents you from going to work for at least 12 months you may medically qualify for Social Security... read more

In defence of COP26

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I left the Scottish Exhibition Centre and its network of slightly leaky Climate Enormo Tents on Saturday afternoon, just as COP26 President Alok Sharma declared the Summit had culminated in a 'clean' and 'balanced' text.... read more

'Indispensible': Can the carbon offset market bolster its credibility?

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Ahead of tomorrow's Net Zero Festival, Toby Hill explores how carbon offset standards are evolving in a bid to assure clients and campaigners that promised carbon savings can be delivered To find out more about the role... read more

Boris Johnson Says 'Christmas Is On' Despite Energy Crisis

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Boris Johnson has said “Christmas is on” and insisted people will not struggle this winter. It came after business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng warned families face a “difficult winter” with rising energy bills and cuts to benefits. A spike in... read more

Which EV to buy? Every electric car on sale

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Autocar's exhaustive list of EVs you can buy today From 2030, sales of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK will be banned. It’s a huge, game-changing moment that’s less than a decade away, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers are already... read more

5 Ways Pandemic Life Could Look Different This Winter

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Cast your minds back to winter 2020 when we were rocking back and forth between lockdowns and tiers, unsure where the pandemic was headed. Now that 44 million Brits and counting have received the coronavirus vaccine, it feels (reasonably) safe... read more

5 Alternatives To Fund Social Care That Don't Penalise Young People

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Boris Johnson is reportedly set to announce an increase in National Insurance this week in a bid to help save the crumbling social care system. The move to increase National Insurance contributions by at least one percent will disproportionately... read more

Boris Johnson Defends Cut To £20-A-Week Universal Credit Uplift

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Boris Johnson has defended his decision to cut Universal Credit (UC), despite a warning from six former Tory work and pensions secretaries that this would “damage living standards, health and opportunities”. In April last year, as the Covd... read more

So you want to be a blogger: How to start a blog, buy a domain name, and gain a following in 10 steps

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So you want to start a blog and carve out a little corner of the internet to call your own — that’s a pretty brilliant and popular impulse. We as humans are literally creating a whole cyber-dimension, skinned right on top of our own; having your... read more

Is It Better To Quit Your Job Before You Get Fired From It?

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Many of us don’t always get to choose how we leave a job. But when you do see the writing on the wall at your company, you have an opportunity to consider your options. Maybe you see finances are in the red, hear grim updates at all-hands... read more