PSG inching closer and closer to Achraf Hakimi transfer — reports

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Photo by Emilio Andreoli - Inter/Inter via Getty Images Saga drawing to a close Despite Chelsea not yet giving up on a transfer for Achraf Hakimi, the Morocco internation continues to get closer to a move to Paris... read more

Are Brexit energy negotiations slowing the UK's net zero drive?

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Report sets out the myriad ways ongoing discussions over Brexit climate and energy policy are affecting the UK's chances of meeting climate goals Brexit, it turns out, did not "get done". As British and European officials... read more

A space telescope that could protect Earth from asteroids has been stuck in 'NASA mission limbo hell' — but it may finally escape

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Summary List PlacementAn asteroid big enough to wipe out a city could be careening towards Earth right now, and it's very possible nobody would notice until too late. As far as we know, that isn't happening — the odds of a large space rock... read more

Trump appointed 28% of all the federal judges in the US, and they could mold American life for decades to come

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Summary List PlacementIn just four years, President Donald Trump reshaped the federal judiciary system into a conservative powerhouse, transforming the nation's court system — and American life — for decades to come. The one-term president... read more

The 4 best ice cube trays we tested in 2021

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Table of Contents: Masthead StickySummary List Placement Most ice cube trays successfully freeze water, but are difficult to maneuver when full, don't release the ice easily, take up too much space in the freezer, or produce misshapen cubes. To... read more

Bank of America breaks down 6 reasons why under-the-radar space company Avio could see its surge more than 100% as the industry rockets towards a...

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Summary List PlacementThe space economy was estimated to be worth $500 billion as of 2020, but it is set to almost treble in value to $1.4 trillion by 2030, as the race among the private sector to get satellites and people into orbit heats up,... read more

A powerful group of anti-Trumpers is threatening to form a new party. Republicans fear it would doom the GOP and render it 'not politically viable'

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Summary List PlacementA coalition of anti-Trump Republicans is threatening a move that could totally upend American politics. Their message comes straight out of the last six chaotic years and essentially boils down to this: Abandon... read more

End of the world car: One final run in the Ford Mondeo

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Nothing lasts forever. Not even one of the most successful and best-driving family Ford models ever built Ford has called time on the Mondeo, the trailblazing saloon the world has now moved on from. We recall its glory days and compare... read more

What Georgia's controversial new election law means for voters, election officials, and outside groups

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Summary List PlacementOn Thursday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a complex and controversial omnibus bill that makes sweeping changes to practically every aspect of the state's voting and election system. The nearly 100-page long bill known... read more

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: 10 experts told us which asset they'd rather hold, and why (BTC-USD, ETH-USD)

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Summary List PlacementBitcoin has long been the dominant cryptocurrency, but recently Ethereum's native token, ether, has emerged as more than just a clear number two.  In 2021, ether has made gains on bitcoin in terms of market cap, and... read more