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There are less than 100 days until COP26: Here's how exporters can get involved

UK Export Finance's Richard Simon-Lewis With less than 100 days to go until the UK plays host to the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), the government is launching a new campaign to encourage us all to go one step greener. This can be done by simple actions which, when done together, make a... go to Article >

How an old railway tunnel is becoming a top-secret test track

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UK firm Totalsim is close to bringing this idea to fruition in Northamptonshire, thanks to Dr Beeching Less than a tenth of the way into Catesby Tunnel’s 1.6-mile extent, it’s obvious that a large, dark hole is going to pose a photographic... read more

Review: Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe review, test drive

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What is it?  Ladies and gentlemen, say a respectful “Haaloo” to the beast of Affalterbach, the GLE 63 S. Nothing less than AMG’s Swiss Army knife, it is an SUV that – on paper at least – can do anything and everything. This, of course,... read more

Join the Q: New Genesis GV70 faces Audi Q5

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Genesis has been snapping at premium players’ heels and is now trying to conquer Europe. Is the GV70 SUV the car to do it? It has been a long time coming. Genesis as a brand, I mean. We know why it exists: premium means profit. Manufacturers... read more

8 Effortless Self-Care Activities That Take Only 5 Minutes To Do

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The pandemic has made it seem impossible to take a step back and take care of yourself. However, making self-care a priority is not only necessary but also pretty much crucial for optimal health. “It’s important to take time off work and other... read more

9 Ben Simmons trade packages that might actually make sense for both sides

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If the 76ers are really going to trade Ben Simmons soon, we have nine trade packages both sides should consider. Ben Simmons’ days in Philadelphia have felt numbered ever since his woeful offensive performance contributed to the... read more

Embalmer Shares Nightmare Covid Experiences: 'Unlike Anything I've Seen Before'

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Patrick Huey contacted HuffPost after reading a story about a Florida-based ICU doctor who broke down on CNN while being interviewed about patients dying of Covid-19. The Texas-based funeral professional, who has worked as an embalmer for the... read more

Still nifty in 50? Autocar's future classic cars of 2071

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Today’s cars are likely to be the last of their kind. So which of them will we long for most in 50 years? There are plenty of great cars on the road today, but only a handful will become true classics. And trying to work out which will earn a... read more

SoFi personal loans review: Borrowers need a high credit score but will receive perks like unemployment protection

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 Summary List Placement A high minimum credit score requirement makes a SoFi Personal Loan harder to qualify for than the typical personal loan.  However, these loans come with unique features like unemployment protection. SoFi SoFi Personal... read more

Wealthfront Review 2021: Fees, Returns, Investing Services & Competitors

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Summary List Placement Insider Intelligence publishes thousands of research reports, charts, and forecasts on the Fintech industry. You can learn more about becoming a client here. Below is some pertinent information on the current state of the... read more

The best record players for every listening style

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Most music fans can agree on one thing: Some music just sounds better on vinyl. In fact, this is a large part of why record players have not disappeared, even as music has gone more digital. If anything, sales of turntables have gone up since... read more