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There is clear public appetite to go further and faster on net zero

Polls show Russia's invasion of Ukraine has only increased public demand for climate action, writes Onward's Alex Luke Russia's invasion of Ukraine has made the global energy crisis significantly worse. Since the first tanks rolled over the border on the morning of February 24th, both British and European gas... go to Article >

Race to Zero: Few firms making 'strong progress' against deforestation targets

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Major new analysis warns that protecting rainforests and decarbonising the industries that are driving deforestation is crucial to meeting 2050 net zero targets Global climat targets are at risk of being missed without... read more

How the UK's net zero transition is progressing: In 10 charts

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The Climate Change Committee's myriad charts serve to hammer home the scale of the decarbonisation challenge If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the array of fascinating charts, graphs, and illustrative graphics... read more

'We are worried': UK climate advisors slam 'shocking' lack of net zero delivery

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Government taking risky ‘high wire approach to net zero’ by failing to match ambition with delivery, CCC warns The government is performing a risky "high wire approach to net zero" by failing to drive rapid action towards... read more

London Climate Action Week: Can the capital turbocharge the UK's net zero transition?

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At the kick off event for London Climate Action Week, BusinessGreen spoke to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and event founder Nick Mabey about how regions and cities can drive climate action despite a turbulent political backdrop... read more

Agriculture is the missing piece in the UK's net zero plans

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Land management could make or break the UK's net zero transition, yet agriculture few sectors without its own decarbonisation strategy, writes WWF's Jo Furtado Especially in the deep midsummer, the UK's green and pleasant landscapes... read more

This is the future climate hawks want to see

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The story about Margaret Thatcher interrupting a long-winded policy discussion by slamming a copy of Friedrich Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty on the table and declaring "this is what we believe" has entered political... read more

OEP launches investigation into government's response to sewer overflows

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Role of Ofwat, the Environment Agency, and Environment Secretary in tackling water pollution is to be investigated by the Office for Environmental Protection The regulation of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in England by... read more

Local authorities urged to embrace 'smart city capabilities'

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New report from TechUK argues partnerships between councils and tech provides can help tackle issues such as climate change and the cost of living The increased cost of living and pressure to cut carbon emissions means it... read more

A national home energy efficiency drive could save six nuclear reactors' worth of energy

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Improving the thermal performance of UK homes could deliver climate and energy security at a fraction of the cost of nuclear power, argues Kingspan's Rita Singh Against a febrile backdrop of rising energy prices, a price... read more

Ed Miliband: 'Green is not just the ethical choice, it is the economic choice'

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Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary hails the social and economic virtues of the net zero transition at last night's BusinessGreen Leaders Awards Ed Miliband last night promised that a Labour government would provide... read more