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This day trader just made the biggest trade of his career exploiting the momentum around bitcoin. Here's how he did it — and his 4-step strategy for identifying speculative themes to trade.

Summary List PlacementRyan Hasson, a senior trader at Kershner Trading Group/SMB Capital, just made the biggest trade of his career on an over-the-counter bitcoin stock. Five years prior, Hasson had just jumped on a one way flight to New York from South Africa to start a job in trading, with no prior experience. "I was able to very... go to Article >

US stocks close at record highs as traders weigh recovery optimism against valuation concerns

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Summary List Placement US stocks closed at record highs on Friday as investors mulled how much further the market could climb. Optimism around vaccinations and new stimulus continue to offset weak jobs data.   Bitcoin traded around $47,500... read more

The new money game: How hordes of traders flooded the market and pushed brokerages to rethink how they handle rookie investors

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Summary List PlacementAt the start of the pandemic, Maya wasn't paying too much attention to investing. But some of her friends — bartenders and DJs whose work dwindled during a period of social distancing — were. With extra time on their... read more

4 investing heavyweight firms answer the 5 most burning bitcoin questions facing investors as the cryptocurrency sees unprecedented volatility

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Summary List PlacementWhen bitcoin's price jumped to $22,500 in the middle of December last year, the cryptocurrency started to hit the headlines again and investors started asking whether they should be invested in bitcoin. Put that question... read more

As Redditors flood the stock market, UBS breaks down 6 options strategies investors can use right now to protect their portfolios

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Summary List PlacementInvestors experienced one of the most tumultuous trading days in recent times yesterday as retail investors, predominantly from the Reddit forum Wall Street Bets, piled into small-cap stocks, waging a war against the... read more

Bitcoin investors may 'lose all their money,' warns European Central Bank governing council member

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Summary List PlacementA European Central Bank governing council member said bitcoin investors should be prepared to lose their entire investment, the latest such warning from a central banker about cryptocurrency volatility. "As the UK... read more

26 books C-suite leaders and billionaire investors say all entrepreneurs should read to become better leaders

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Summary List PlacementThere is no single way to approach entrepreneurship — that's the beauty of it.  But one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship is to read about businesses, specifically why some companies or... read more

3 reasons why bitcoin has doubled in less than a month — and why experts think it won't repeat its 2017 crash

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Summary List Placement Bitcoin has more than doubled in less than a month, leaving analysts and investors stunned and concerned about a possible market bubble. In many ways the token's rally in recent months is crucially different than the... read more

The white-hot wealth management market is set for a year of merger mania. Meet 7 firms that are on the hunt.

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Summary List PlacementAfter a record year for wealth management combinations, with acquirers scooping up more small wealth managers than in any year past, more deals are expected to take shape in 2021.  Registered investment advisors, or RIAs,... read more

Inside Morgan Stanley's blowout year, the culmination of James Gorman's decade-long war to win Wall Street

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Summary List PlacementMorgan Stanley CEO James Gorman was giddy. His firm had just announced it was going to buy E-Trade in the largest takeover by a Wall Street bank since the financial crisis. It was a chilly day last February, three weeks... read more

Wall Street's rising stars from firms like Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, and Tiger Global share their best career advice

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Summary List Placement Starting a job at a Wall Street bank or prestigious private-equity firm might look different this year, but it's not to say what it takes to be successful at those institutions has changed fundamentally. Getting in is... read more