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'This is a crucial 12 months': CCC demands stronger UK net zero efforts in 2022

The Climate Change Committee delivers its verdict on COP26, but will the UK government heed its advice for the coming 'crucial' year ahead? The UK government must focus on strengthening the detail and delivery of its flagship Net Zero Strategy during a "crucial" year ahead for climate action, with major work... go to Article >

It's been a busy year for green policy - now 2022 must be a year of implementation

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A focus on implementing climate and environmental agenda in 2022 is in the UK's best economic and social interest, writes Aldersgate Group's Nick Molho 2021 saw unprecedented momentum gather behind the UK's climate and... read more

Timber, carbon offsets and ESG: Why investors are piling into the UK forestry market

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Land and property values for forestry and afforestation have skyrocketed over the past couple of years - could this unlock much needed investment in nature restoration? The UK forestry market is positively booming.... read more

How green hydrogen could completely reshape the global energy map

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Driven by net zero, hydrogen could make up 12 per cent of global energy use by 2050, according to IRENA The geopolitical ramifications of the green energy transition have long been contemplated by foreign policy wonks.... read more

'We will be the biggest green energy company in the world': Bankrolled by UAE, Masdar embarks on its 100GW journey

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Abu Dhabi's state-owned renewable energy giant Masdar is undergoing a restructure of its ownership, while ramping up its overall clean energy goal to 100GW by 2030 Masdar, Abu Dhabi's state-owned clean energy company,... read more

How rising energy costs could shape UK's net zero agenda in 2022

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Government faces growing pressure for radical action to support fuel-poor households in first major test of net zero resolve post-COP26 As the New Year begins, a tough winter still lies ahead for struggling householders,... read more

'Rapid growth': UK electric vehicle sales predicted to double in 2022

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Analyst expects EVs to take 15 per cent share of new car market this year, but warns government must deliver further policy to support uptake The number of battery electric vehicles (EVs) sold in the UK is likely to... read more

Outlook on 2022: What can we expect from the agri-food industry in 2022?

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It is no longer possible to put off making transformational changes in the way we produce, manufacture and consume food - could 2022 prove a turning point, asks Nomad Foods CEO Stefan Descheemaeker? In today's world it is... read more

Outlook on 2022: Key pieces of the climate change puzzle need to fall into place

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There is potential for 2022 to top progress made in the last 12 months - but only if we see crucial pieces of the decarbonisation puzzle fall into place, writes National Grid's Duncan Burt A year of climate conversation... read more

Sustainable business in 2021: Five things we learned

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Amid disheartening and discouraging Covid and climate news, there are a lot of reasons for hope, writes Joel Makower The Covid-19 pandemic, horrific as it's been, has been reasonably kind to the worlds of sustainable... read more

Optimise, decarbonise, educate: How should businesses respond to the gas price crisis?

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BusinessGreen offers a five point guide for how progressive companies can shield themselves from volatile energy markets while still moving closer to their net zero goals In October, the boss of frozen food chain Iceland,... read more