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'This is not a scary transition': Six key takeaways from the CCC's net zero progress report

In what is a crucial year for climate action in 2021, there CCC has today given the government much food - but little time - for thought - here are its top takeaways Every year since its inception the Climate Change Committee (CCC) offers its verdict on the UK's progress against its climate goals, providing an... go to Article >

Study: Majority of UK industries currently on course to miss 2050 net zero targets

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Only five sectors are decreasing their emissions, while seven are actually seeing emissions rise, University of the West of England and Zurich UK study finds Most sectors of the UK economy are on course to miss their 2050... read more

The Climate Pledge: 5.4 per cent of global emissions now covered by a net zero by 2040 commitment

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Amazon and Global Optimism reveal that 86 more companies have joined the global corporate decarbonisation initiative More than 200 companies and organisations have now signed up to The Climate Pledge, the corporate... read more

'Possible, valuable, and transformative': Goverment urged to include public in net zero policy design

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Report from IfG warns public engagement is not sufficiently prioritised in policy making, despite being crucial UK’s transition to a more sustainable economy Advocates for the net zero transition are clearly preparing to... read more

Chris Stark on the net zero transition: 'There is such a positive story of progress to tell here'

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CEO of the UK's Climate Change Committee calls for more debate and scrutiny over how to deliver the UK's net zero transition The head of the UK's climate advisory body has called for more public and political debate over... read more

Keeping 1.5C alive: What to expect from a critical autumn for the net zero mission?

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Former climate diplomat Pete Betts, WWF's Tanya Steele, CBI's Tania Kumar, and the CCC's Chris Stark offered their views on a crucial period for global climate action at last week's launch of the Net Zero Festival... read more

Theresa May urges Conservative Party to seize 'golden opportunity' of net zero

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Former PM uses Sam Barker Memorial Lecture to call on Tory colleagues sceptical of the case for decarbonisation to recognise the huge economic and environmental opportunities on offer Theresa May has urged her... read more

5 Reasons The UK's Climate Strategy Is Falling Short

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Prime minister Boris Johnson will be hosting the UN’s climate conference, COP26, in November, as world leaders come together to discuss saving the environment.  The UK has often presented itself as a leading nation when it comes to tackling the... read more

'Make-or-break moment': Why business, unions, and campaigners are united in urging government to fix faltering climate strategy

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The CBI, the TUC, and Green Alliance are all issuing much the same message: the government has just weeks left to deliver a genuinely credible net zero plan It is not every day that you find that the UK's biggest business... read more

From laggard to leader: How the UK can capitalise on the heat pump opportunity

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Policy and investment to boost domestic manufacturing and skills training are urgently required to support the heat pump rollout, explains Dr Richard Lowes from the Regulatory Assistance Project The urgent tone of the... read more

Industrial decarbonisation: Aldersgate Group calls for 'clear plan of action' to slash emissions from heavy industries

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Government should publish detailed policy framework to help drive low carbon investment in heavy industry following recent industrial decarbonisation and hydrogen strategies, sustainable business group warns The... read more