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Timber, carbon offsets and ESG: Why investors are piling into the UK forestry market

Land and property values for forestry and afforestation have skyrocketed over the past couple of years - could this unlock much needed investment in nature restoration? The UK forestry market is positively booming. Thanks to growing interest in environmental social and governance (ESG) funds, investors are... go to Article >

'Kicking the can down the road': Why a dash for gas to boost energy security would be a risky business

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TransitionZero analysis finds shifting from coal straight to renewables everywhere around the world is far cheaper than using gas as a 'bridge fuel' Shifting away from coal power straight to clean power sources such as wind... read more

Passive funds pose a major threat to the net zero transition and economic stability

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In an era of 'asset manager capitalism', passive funds are undermining fossil fuel divestment progress by propping up polluting industries falling out of favour from active investors, writes Common Wealth's Chris Enders... read more

Costco and Walmart: A tale of two supply chains

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How are these two brick and mortar retail giants tackling Scope 3 emissions in their supply chains? The answer lies in what’s left unsaid as much as what’s disclosed Costco and Walmart; the tale of two supply chains. Both... read more

'They are not inevitable': How can businesses trigger clean tech tipping points in the 2020s?

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A new report warns time is running out to 'keep 1.5C alive' and rapid changes are needed across the economy to accelerate decarbonisation efforts – here are five key lessons for businesses striving to engineer tipping points for green... read more

Can a new industry charter help scrub the greenwash out of the UK building products sector?

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An 'Anti Greenwash Charter' has been launched by the UK's built environment sector signalling growing desire from businesses to tackle misleading environmental claims Could the tide soon turn on corporate 'greenwash'? The... read more

How to lay the foundation for net zero carbon building projects

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Elsa Wenzel takes a deep dive into the latest literature on how to develop new zero building projects Designed and executed with care, net-zero carbon goals can offer more than sustainability window dressing for... read more