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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Not Sure Where To Start? Here's Our Guide To Team GB's Key Events And Ones To Watch

With all of the buzz surrounding the Euros earlier this month, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that this is also the summer of the Tokyo Olympics. The games are finally, officially underway following Friday’s opening ceremony (and a year’s delay, no thanks to Covid), with the sporting action kicking off this week. The Olympics... go to Article >

DTM to Dakar: the story behind Audi's rally raider

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Having quit the DTM and Formula E, Audi had many spare engineers and proven parts lying around. Enter the RS Q E-tron Picture the scene at Audi head office. The company is no longer racing in the DTM and has withdrawn from Formula E. Both... read more

The Psychology Of Why Watching Sport Makes Us Want To Get Fit

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You’re reading Move, the nudge we need to get active, however makes us happiest and healthiest. A funny thing happens after a big sporting event takes over our televisions: fitness centres, gyms and sports clubs see a spike in new members. It... read more

Deadmau5's 'Oberhasli' is what it looks like when the metaverse comes for music fans

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Oberhasli immediately feels like an early vision of how music fandom could evolve in a post-metaverse world. You may not immediately be familiar with the platform it calls home, Manticore Games' Core. But you really don't need much background to... read more

Instagram's become an essential tool for activists. But it's a double-edged sword.

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Before Patrice Ingram shuts off her bedside light, before she closes her eyes to prepare for the day ahead, she checks Instagram. She's not floating through a numbing sea of glamorized self-portraits and intricately posed interiors. Instead,... read more

Tokyo Olympics: Why There’s Less Coverage On The BBC This Year

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If you’ve been feeling like there’s much less Olympics coverage on the BBC than previous years, you are not alone – many others have been voicing their disappointment at the broadcaster’s scaled-down coverage of Tokyo 2020 on social media.... read more

Team GB's 8 Amazing Sibling Pairs We're Cheering On in Tokyo

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So, we’re finally feeling mega pumped for the Tokyo Olympic Games after Friday night’s opening ceremony. Though low-key and mostly audience free, it still managed to get the internet all of a chatter – and not just for Team Tonga! Now the sport... read more

Susan Boyle Featuring In The Olympics Opening Ceremony Is The Gift No One Saw Coming

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games finally got underway on Friday after a dazzling - it somewhat subdued - opening ceremony. Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka had the privilege of lighting the Olympic cauldron, kicking off just over two weeks of sporting... read more

The Aerials, Slides And Wipeouts Of Skateboarding's First Olympics

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Skateboarders have their first-ever chance for an Olympic gold. The men’s street competition began Saturday, giving audiences their first taste of the rebel “anti-sport” on the global athletics stage. Women’s street begins Sunday, and the park... read more

The Most Incredible Photos Of Surfing's Olympic Debut

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For the first time in Olympic history, 40 surfers will compete for a spot on the winners’ podium. Each surfer competes in a 30 minute heat, trying to catch as many waves as possible. Their top two scoring waves at Tsurigasaki beach are combined... read more

Cheers, Ted Lasso, for getting the UK basically right

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There's a scene at the start of Season 1 of Ted Lasso (which just returned for an equally triumphant Season 2) where my wife and I, Brits who watch more than our share of American sitcoms, started to get a sinking feeling of déjà vu. It's the... read more