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'Toothless policy and targets': Environmental Audit Committee slams government 'inaction' on nature protection

Major report from select committee on biodiversity and ecosystems slams government for weak nature protection targets and policy and points to failure to embed nature protection across government thinking MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) have slammed the government's efforts to protect nature,... go to Article >

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2021: And the winner is...

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All the winners and highly commended entries from last night's 11th annual BusinessGreen Leaders Awards Consultancy of the Year Minviro Minviro only launched in 2019, but the judges were hugely impressed by the ambitious... read more

'Hedge fund': CPRE calls on government to expand UK's hedgerow network

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UK's hedgerow network is the nation's 'largest, most connected nature reserve' and could help create thousands of green jobs, according to new study The hedgerows that criss-cross the UK could play a major role in... read more

Environment Bill: Government backs amendments to 'halt decline in species abundance by 2030'

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Defra confirms wave of amendments designed to strengthen biodiversity targets, curb water pollution, and safeguard independence of Office of Environment Protection The government has today announced a wave of amendments... read more

'Shady ships': Why 'net zero' retailers should lead the push for greener shipping practices

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Analysis of the shipping impact of major US retailers finds 15 companies are responsible for as much sulphur oxide, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter pollution as tens of millions of vehicles International shipping is... read more

'Climate breakdown has already begun': Green figures react to IPCC's landmark climate warning

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Roundup of reaction from politicians, NGOs, and business figures as the world's top climate scientists serve up latest evidence on scale of potential climate cataclysm ahead Today the world's leading climate scientists... read more

Meet the new climate sceptics, same as the old climate sceptics

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The gathering campaign against the 'cost of net zero' is defined by straw men arguments, culture war tactics, and a fantastical refusal to engage with climate realities - but it still poses a serious threat to the UK's economic future... read more

Parliament's scrutiny of government green policy has never been more important

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With G7 and COP26 fast approaching, Environmental Audit Committee chair Philip Dunne argues the government must adopt a solutions-driven approach to environmental policy Over the course of the last Parliament the... read more

These 17 Gen Z climate activists are ready to challenge Biden and their lawmakers to act fast on one of the most urgent crises of their time

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Summary List PlacementGen Zers are worried about their future in a quickly changing climate and are demanding action. Before the pandemic hit, it wasn't uncommon to find Naina Agrawal-Hardin hopping on a Thursday flight from her home in... read more

Tributes flow following death of Peter Ainsworth, Conservative MP and pioneering Green Tory

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Former colleagues and friends have paid tribute to former Conservative frontbencher Peter Ainsworth, who played an integral role in pushing conservation and climate action into the political mainstream Prime ministers,... read more

'We urgently need to prepare': Green figures react to the CCC's climate risk warning

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All the top reaction from leading figures across business, politics, academia, think tanks and green groups to the CCC's latest assessment of the UK's preparedness for climate change Heatwaves, floods, storms, coastal... read more