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Transformation of Old Hall Street in pictures from then to now

The historic street has undergone huge changes go to Article >

'I see the court changing': Justice Aston Hall appointed Ontario's first Black associate chief justice

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Regional Senior Justice Aston Hall says he does not view the world through a rose-coloured lens. But when asked about the... read more

Will Reopened NYC Movie Theaters Lead to Box Office Recovery (and Blockbusters’ Return)?

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When movie theaters finally reopen in New York City on Friday, Hollywood will be watching to see if this will be the first wave in a more widespread box office recovery — and send a message to studios that it may soon be safe to release... read more

The rise of Amazon Web Services and other clouds have caused trouble for traditional IT consulting giants — and presented huge opportunity to a new...

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Summary List PlacementThe COVID-19 shutdown threw every business into chaos and no one was spared. One of the clear beneficiaries, however, was the cloud services industry, as work from home spurred demand for remotely-accessible applications... read more

10 US cities paving the way for the future by investing in technology, sustainability, and infrastructure

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Summary List PlacementIf city leaders across the country learned anything from the past year, it's the value of resilience.  The COVID-19 pandemic exposed cracks in infrastructure, posed mobility challenges, and revealed a digital divide. The... read more

I Came Here As An Unaccompanied Child Refugee. Now Britain Has Abandoned Others Like Me

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When I was 12 years old, I had to flee my home country in East Africa because of civil war and the threat of ISIS. To escape danger, I had to go on a difficult journey to safety. I travelled through the desert in Libya. I didn’t have enough... read more

Here's how the CEO of the 'Airbnb of shops' accelerated his business in the pandemic despite losing thousands of bookings and getting COVID-19

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Summary List PlacementWhen COVID-19s forced high-streets and stores to shut and governments ordered people to stay at home, everyone turned to online shopping. E-commerce became the go-to option. This meant business models, such as Appear... read more

A fund manager beating 99% of his peers at Nobel-winning economist Richard Thaler's investing firm shares 2 mispriced, under-the-radar stocks — and...

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Summary List PlacementWith the ever-increasing bitcoin craze, SPAC boom, and retail trading fervor, Fred Stanske is seeing a lot of irrational investor behavior.  But that's not necessarily bad for Stanske, who manages the $4.3 billion... read more


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Random City of London ward (11): CheapMy eleventh random ward is the most central, stretching from almost St Paul's to almost Bank. It consists of the strip of land between Gresham Street and Cheapside, plus a peculiar bolted-on bit which doesn't... read more

Local research

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I went for a local walk, saw stuff, took photos, then went home and did some research. There's always something new to discover locally.Bow Free WharfThis is a narrowboat called We're Here heading up the River Lea and about to pass underneath the... read more

Coronation Street spoilers: Jacob Hay invades Simon Barlow and Leanne Battersby’s home – and worse is to come

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Leanne’s home is no longer her own in Coronation Street (Picture: ITV) Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) has tightened his grip on Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) in tonight’s Coronation Street (March 5) after making himself at home in Leanne Battersby’s... read more