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Travel advice lifted for 32 countries - and travel insurance will cover them again

Advice not to travel to 32 countries due to COVID has been lifted by the government - meaning insurance firms will again cover them. go to Article >

The Australia exit checklist: everything you need to prepare before travelling internationally

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International travel is now permitted for many in Australia, but the cost and complexity of undertaking an overseas trip is vastly different from pre-Covid times Since the Australian government lifted the ban on fully vaccinated Australian... read more

The Curse of November 16

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  Grand  Duke Ludwig IV and Grand Duchess Alice and their children(all images except for Getty: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection) In November 1878 diphtheria struck the Grand Ducal House of Hesse and by  Rhine with a vengeance.  The... read more

Metro Question Time – the full debate

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Metro Question Time – the full debate Mon, 19/07/2010 Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 19/07/2010 Nexus and the Keep Metro Public campaign group came together in May 2010 to stage a unique question time event for... read more

Holidaying in the UK: Planning for All Eventualities

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{This is a collaborative post} More and more of us are choosing to stay in the UK for our holiday this year and I suspect it may become a trend over the next few years as well, as people recover financially and emotionally from the scars of... read more

Lifetime Programming Chief Is Really Excited Her Post-Vaccine Christmas Movies Have Crowd Shots – and Reba McEntire

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COVID-19 can’t stop Christmas from coming. And it can’t stop Lifetime from including crowds of people in their 2021 holiday TV movies either, thanks to the widely available COVID vaccines and safety protocols that have been implemented over the... read more

Covid Update: Should You Cancel Your Trip To Europe As Cases Rise?

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Covid cases are soaring in some European countries – and you may be having doubts about any pre-Christmas trips you’ve got planned to the continent.  Austria has entered a nationwide lockdown this week, with people only allowed to leave their... read more

Omicron Variant: All The Covid Rules Changing In England This Week

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Cases of the Covid-19 Omicron variant have been identified in the UK and this weekend, Boris Johnson announced a list of emergency measure that will be implemented this week to try to stop the spread.  The number of confirmed Omicron cases in... read more

Roaming Charges: Will I Have To Pay To Use My Phone Abroad?

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You are reading Anywhere But Here, our summer-long series on travel at home and abroad, serving up the information and inspiration you need. Three is the third major UK mobile network to bring back charges for customers who travel to Europe.... read more

Travel Rules Have Changed (Again). Here's What You Need To Know

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You are reading Anywhere But Here, our series on travel at home and abroad, serving up the information and inspiration you need. We’ve all missed going on holiday, but the stress of leaving the country has put many of us off travelling abroad.... read more

London Stansted Airport unveils new facility as part of UK’s largest airport testing scheme to help get Britain flying again

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London Stansted Airport has today launched a new Covid-19 testing facility, as part of a move by its parent company, Manchester Airports Group (MAG). The announcement means the full range of tests – RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, Rapid Antigen and Antibody -... read more