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TSMC to Build Japan's Most Advanced Semiconductor Fab

Fabs are well-known for being an expensive business to be in, so any time a new fab is slated for construction, it tends to be a big deal – especially amidst the current chip crunch. To that end, TSMC this week has announced plans to build a new, semi-specialized fab in Japan to meet the needs of its local customers. The... go to Article >

Texas To Get Multiple New Fabs as Samsung and TI to Spend $47 Billion on New Facilities

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After a year of searching for the right place of its new U.S. fab, Samsung this week announced that it would build a fab near Taylor, Texas. The company will invest $17 billion in the new semiconductor fabrication plant and will receive... read more

Chip maker TSMC, Sony partner on new $7bn plant in Japan

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Taiwanese chip giant TSMC will partner with Sony on a new $7 billion (€6bn) plant in Japan, the firms announced on Tuesday, as an ongoing global semiconductor shortage squeezes the production of everything from cars to TVs and gaming consoles.... read more

TSMC confirms plans for semiconductor fab plant in Japan

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. has confirmed it plans to build a computer chip factory in Japan read more

TSMC shares soar on profit estimates and Japan factory deal

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Shares in Taiwan’s microchip giant TSMC soared on Friday forecasting, posting better-than-expected profits for the rest of the year and following the announcement of plans to build its first factory in Japan. The world is in the midst of a... read more

Intel Reaffirms: Our Discrete GPUs Will Be On Shelves in Q1 2022

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Today is when Intel does its third-quarter 2021 financial disclosures, and there’s one little tidbit in the earnings presentation about its upcoming new discrete GPU offerings. The earnings are usually a chance to wave the flag of innovation... read more

Stock take: Experts drill into the motor industry's chip issues

79 Days ago Motors Source:

Industry figures analyse the shortage of semiconductors, or chips, in the car sector Twelve months ago, most people wouldn’t have heard of semiconductors. But now they dominate the topic of conversation for car makers, with the global shortage... read more

Intel’s First High-Profile IFS Fab Customer: Qualcomm Jumps on Board For 20A Process

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Alongside Intel’s sizable announcement today regarding their manufacturing roadmap over the next half-decade, the company is also announcing their first major customer for their third-party foundry service, IFS. And in an example of how Intel’s... read more

China's SMIC To Build a GigaFab for $8.87B: An Answer to the Shortages

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As a result of being on the US Entity list, SMIC's blacklisting has caused troubles in the company developing and deploying leading-edge fabrication technologies. As a result, it has been forced to focus on mature nodes, which still have plenty... read more

Apple's Chip Partner TSMC to Begin Mass Production of 5nm Chips at New Arizona Factory in 2024

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Apple chip supplier TSMC has confirmed that it will begin mass production operations at its new factory in Arizona in 2024, Nikkei Asia reports. TSMC Chairman Mark Liu announced that the company's $12 billion factory in Phoenix, Arizona,... read more

World’s largest semiconductor manufacturer set to raise prices

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Reports indicate that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company could increase costs by as much as a fifth The world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), is rumoured to be raising its prices... read more