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Ubisoft's extreme sports game Riders Republic is having a Free Trial week starting Thursday

If you've found yourself tantalised by Ubisoft's upcoming extreme sports game Riders Republic, but not so much that you're quite ready to commit, you might like to get involved in the newly announced Free Trial week, giving players up to four hours with the full game ahead of launch. Riders Republic, a spiritual successor to 2016's... go to Article >

‘Riders Republic’ review: Nature’s Playground

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This is the extreme sports game I’ve been waiting for Riders Republic, the new open world extreme sports video game, seeks to tread a path as dangerous as the sports it represents. Developers at Ubisoft Annecy aimed to balance... read more

‘Riders Republic’ aims to be the ultimate extreme sports video game

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A massive open world boasts some incredible potential. Riders Republic, the new open-world extreme sports game from Ubisoft, has been given a September 2 release date at Saturday’s Ubisoft Forward. Boasting an array of sporting... read more

Nintendo adds longest average play time section to eShop

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Nintendo has added a new section to its Switch eShop. At the bottom of the Discover section of the webstore, you can now view games Trending By Play Time. This section lists the games "with the longest average play time over the past two weeks".... read more

Digital Extremes on Warframe's "Infinity Wars" moment as its biggest story expansion yet approaches

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The New War is an end of sorts; not a definitive end - Warframe's continuing status as an enormously successful free-to-play live service shooter does rather dictate that - but an end to a chapter that's been almost eight years in the making. The... read more

Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2021 voting

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Is there anything more festive than getting together to bicker about video games? In time-honoured tradition we're opening the voting up for your top 50 games of the year. Voting closes at 5pm December 15th (which should give you enough time to... read more

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story review - a warm welcome into one of gaming's busiest worlds

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A couple of weeks ago, I became very intrigued by the look of Ruined King, a spin-off, turn-based, single-player game set in the League of Legends universe, that was released by surprise in mid-November. I've never played LoL, but to my own... read more

Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser agrees $10m fine

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Canadian hacker Gary Bowser must pay $10m (£7.5m) to settle Nintendo of America's lawsuit against him. The final judgement in this civil case was filed last night, and is separate to the federal lawsuit Bowser already pleaded guilty to at the... read more

Former EA exec Patrick Söderlund teases new project Arc Raiders

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Embark Studios, the new Stockholm-based outfit set up by former EA exec Patrick Söderlund, has announced the name of its new project. Titled as Arc Raiders, the mysterious sci-fi game will get a proper unveiling later this week as part of The... read more

Ubisoft admits handling of misconduct has caused a lack of trust

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Ubisoft has admitted its handling of misconduct complaints has led to a lack of trust in the company. Speaking to Axios, Ubisoft chief people officer Anika Grant acknowledged its initial response to the ongoing workplace misconduct scandal since... read more

Here's our best look yet at Zynga's Star Wars: Hunters

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Today brings our best look yet at Star Wars: Hunters, Zynga's arena free-to-play squad combat game set in the galaxy far, far away. The game's new trailer shows its initial eight heroes and their various abilities. There's a towering Wookie who... read more

Halo Infinite doesn't let you replay campaign missions

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Halo Infinite doesn't let you replay campaign missions, Microsoft has confirmed. In a statement issued to Polygon, Microsoft said story missions are not replayable, breaking Halo game tradition established 20 years ago with Halo: Combat Evolved.... read more