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UEFA double down on ban threat for The Super League clubs

Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images Bark or bite? The negative reaction to Sunday’s ‘The Super League’ announcement has been unsurprisingly strong, vocal, and widespread, but it remains to be seen whether any of that emotion carries over into tangible action — and I don’t mean protests by fans, who at the end of... go to Article >

Premier League hand down slap on the wrist for Super League Six, and a few threats

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Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images But don’t do it again! After all the posturing and moral grandstanding, the Premier League’s fines for the six clubs involved in the Super League fiasco earlier this year amount to little... read more

Carlo Ancelotti returns to Real Madrid, leaves Everton

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Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images Reappointments is the new hotness Former Chelsea head coach Carlo Ancelotti is on the move again, just 18 months after taking charge at Everton. And it’s quite the move for the legendary... read more

Inter Milan 5-1 Udinese: Match Recap

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Photo by Mattia Ozbot/Getty Images A fitting end to a spectacular season While the main attraction on the San Siro pitch was the celebration of Inter’s nineteenth Scudetto, the ninety minutes leading up to the Nerazzurri’s... read more

Football Manager 2021 player deletes the Super League clubs and simulates the next 25 years

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The European Super League seems dead - for now, at least. But that didn't stop one Football Manager 2021 player from using the game to simulate how football might have played out over the next 25 years without the founder clubs in their leagues.... read more

Executives from Super League clubs step down from Premier League roles

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Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images ...and now what? The question of how to and how much to punish the “rebel” clubs who attempted to form the Super League continues to linger, even as the news cycle moves on to other, more... read more

The Super League is dead (for now), but European football’s problems still threaten to kill the game we love

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Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images The fight was won, the battle is far from over European football has been in a state of Cold War for decades, with the threat of a breakaway Super League coming up every few years.... read more

The Super League will ‘save football’, claims Real Madrid president

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Photo by Irina R. H. / AFP7 / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images WE BE DYING The Super League dropped a bomb on the world of football on Sunday night, then promptly vanished amid the panic, surveying the wreckage from a... read more

UEFA banning The Super League teams now would guarantee The Super League

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Florentino Perez and Aleksander Ceferin in ... calmer ... time | Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images Choose wisely According to various reports, UEFA will be holding another extraordinary meeting this week... read more

UEFA ‘reconcile’ with 9 of 12 Super League clubs, including Chelsea

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Photo by STF/AFP via Getty Images Fines incoming UEFA announced yesterday that they have reconciled with 9 of the 12 clubs involved in the attempted Super League breakaway, imposing financial penalties and deferred... read more

Super League in ruins as all six English clubs pull out

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The proposed European Super League appeared dead in the water on Wednesday after all six English clubs withdrew following a furious backlash from fans and threats from football authorities. Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea,... read more