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Ukraine war piles pressure on global food system already in crisis

Analysis: invasion sending grain prices soaring, compounding effects of climate crisis on food production Russia-Ukraine war – latest news Households are facing the prospect of even higher food prices owing to the war in Ukraine, threatening hikes of the kind seen in 2008 after the global financial crisis, as wheat exports from... go to Article >

Global cooperation on climate can persevere in these fractious times

24 Days ago Finance Source:

Rachel Kyte sets out the ways the international communitiy can work together to divert much-needed financial flows to climate solutions, in particular to vulnerable nations When Noel Coward wrote the lyrics to 'Mad Dogs and... read more

How deeper global clean tech collaboration is needed to avoid net zero delay

11 Days ago Finance Source:

Joint IEA, IRENA, and UN assessment of COP26 Breakthrough Agenda sets out priorities for collaborative climate action between businesses and governments The global net zero transition risks being "delayed by decades" unless... read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 205 of the invasion

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Mass grave with 440 bodies found in recaptured Izium; Ukraine’s loss of grain storage capacity threatens global food supply; Putin praises Xi’s ‘balanced’ approach to Ukraine warSee all our Ukraine coverageUkrainian authorities have found a mass... read more

Could offering lower interest rates to green projects help keep net zero on track?

29 Days ago Finance Source:

The Bank of England is facing calls to introduce a secondary interest rate for green borrowing required to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil gas driving the energy crisis The Bank of England is facing calls to revamp its... read more

The Guardian view on the global food crisis: this is just the beginning | Editorial

24 Days ago News Source:

Prices are soaring as climate shocks and the effects of war in Ukraine exacerbate structural problemsSeven years ago, world leaders committed to a highly ambitious target: ending hunger by 2030. That goal is now more distant than ever. The United... read more

'Get Britain building': Chancellor lifts block on onshore wind projects in new 'growth plan'

8 Days ago Finance Source:

Kwasi Kwarteng's 'mini-Budget' sets out aim to streamline planning for roads, nuclear, renewables, hydrogen, CCUS, and oil and gas, and confirms modest boost for energy efficiency funding Kwasi Kwarteng has promised to... read more

'I don't see us slipping back': Paul Polman on COP27, the energy crisis, and why net zero is winning the argument

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Former Unilever CEO and leading green business campaigner talks to BusinessGreen about the huge challenges facing corporate climate efforts "I help politicians, and I have a lot of time for them, but I'm a little bit of a... read more

IEA World Energy Jobs Outlook: Five key green takeaways

23 Days ago Finance Source:

The IEA has released its first ever evaluation of global energy employment both today and in the future - BusinessGreen takes a deep dive Today the International Energy Agency (IEA) has produced what it is said to be the... read more

Liz Truss named UK Prime Minister: The green economy reacts

26 Days ago Finance Source:

Green business figures, politicians, think tanks, experts and more react to news that Britain has a new PM Liz Truss has been named as UK's new Prime Minister today, having comfortably defeated her rival Rishi Sunak in this... read more

How are G7 companies really performing against the goals of the Paris Agreement?

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Analysis by CDP and Oliver Wyman suggests corporates in the G7 are currently far off track for delivering 1.5C of warming, but decarbonisation trends are at least heading in a greener direction During COP26 last year, as a... read more