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U.S. contractor dies from heart attack after rocket strike on Iraq base used by American troops

It wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible for the attack on the base that’s shared with British and Danish troops. It was the first strike since the U.S. bombed several facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia groups last week. go to Article >

US warns of military response to rocket attack on Iraq base

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House warned that the U.S. may consider a military response to the rocket attack that hit an air base in western Iraq where American and coalition troops are housed. A U.S. contractor died after at least 10 rockets... read more

An American contractor died of a heart attack as rockets rained down on a base hosting US troops in Iraq

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Summary List PlacementThe Pentagon said that a US civilian contractor died of a "cardiac episode" while taking shelter during a rocket attack on a base in Iraq hosting US troops. Operation Inherent Resolve announced Wednesday that at... read more

Biden changed his plan for the strike on Iran-backed militias at the last minute to avoid killing a woman and children

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Summary List PlacementWith strike aircraft already in the air and on their way to the targets, President Joe Biden made last-minute changes to the plans for his first major military order as commander in chief to avoid killing a woman and... read more

Rockets hit Iraqi base with US troops less than a week after Biden officials said Syria strikes would 'de-escalate' tensions in the region

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Summary List PlacementAn Iraqi base hosting US troops was targeted with at least 10 rockets on Wednesday, a US-led coalition spokesperson said. The attack came less than a week after President Joe Biden ordered airstrikes in Syria that the... read more

International plot to extort money from Iraqi MP was masterminded in Edmonton, police say

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An international scheme to extort money from an Iraqi politician by harassing his family in Australia came to an end this week after police in Sydney and Edmonton carried out simultaneous... read more

Biden faces bipartisan pushback to the airstrikes he ordered in Syria a month into his presidency

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Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden is facing questions from Congress about his decision to carry out airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Syria, specifically regarding his authority to conduct this move. On Thursday, Biden... read more