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Used buying guide: Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

Powered by the legendary Busso V6, Alfa Romeo’s early-2000s hot hatch is quickly rising in value There’s surely no better illustration of the bizarre motoring times we live in than a 17-year-old Alfa Romeo hatchback with 72,000 miles having recently sold for only around £7000 less than it cost new. But that’s modern classics for... go to Article >

Used car buying guide: Alfa Romeo SZ

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Alfa’s blocky coupé is well worth bidding £50k or more on The trouble with a number of very desirable sporting cars, such as the Porsche 911 and the Lamborghini Huracán evo, is that they’re just too common. Go out for the evening and there’s... read more

Nearly new buying guide: Alfa Romeo Stelvio

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Poor residuals impair this sporty SUV but make it a top used buy Until pretty recently, an SUV from Alfa Romeo would have seemed as likely as Raymond Blanc donning the head chef apron at McDonald’s. But here we are. And the truth is that the... read more

Nearly new buying guide: Alfa Romeo Giulia

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You can now get one for less than half its price new. And here's how Anyone bored with the same-old, same-old offerings in the executive car class has, since 2016, been able to cast a little wider and bag a deeply competitive and wonderfully... read more

Nearly new buying guide: Nissan Leaf

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The Leaf isn't the vehicle for thrill-seekers, but gives great bang for your buck Popular family EV can be had for £4000. We plug in to the used market The Nissan Leaf was the first mainstream family-sized electric car to hit the UK when it... read more

Nearly new buying guide: Fiat 500

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Handling is secure and predictable rather than keen If you think the cheery 500 has bags of visual appeal, take a look at its even more attractive price tag Even before it was launched in 2008, few doubted the Fiat 500 would be a hit. The... read more