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Waning Covid Immunity This Winter: Your Questions Answered

The UK coronavirus vaccine rollout started in December 2020 and the UK government has been quick to claim it’s one of the best in the world. Certainly, it’s the biggest inoculation programme the country has ever run. So far in the UK, 50 million people have had a single dose of the vaccine and 45 million have had both doses. A single... go to Article >

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Book A Holiday Right Now

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We’re almost two years into the pandemic, but booking a holiday is still confusing as ever. From the traffic light system to PCR tests, the admin of going away now can completely put you off a trip abroad. But once you put your toes in the sand... read more

Covid Update: Should You Cancel Your Trip To Europe As Cases Rise?

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Covid cases are soaring in some European countries – and you may be having doubts about any pre-Christmas trips you’ve got planned to the continent.  Austria has entered a nationwide lockdown this week, with people only allowed to leave their... read more

4 (Quite) Positive Bits Of Covid News You Might Have Missed

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Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam predicted a difficult winter lay ahead in the UK as Covid cases will remain worryingly high and vaccine efficacy is expect to wane. But – amid the ongoing concern about high transmission rates and... read more

The NHS Faces A 'Tough Winter'. Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Do Your Bit

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“Tough”, “challenging”, “pressured”. Just some of the words that ministers and health chiefs keep using to describe the long winter ahead of us. Covid cases and deaths may be on the decline, but the NHS is still feeling the full impact of the... read more

You Can Now Book Your Covid Booster Jab Before You're Eligible, Here's How

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Good news, from Monday, people will be able to book their Covid-19 booster jab a month before they are eligible. The NHS is changing the booking system to allow people in England to arrange an appointment a month in advance, as the health... read more

Why Are Covid Cases In The UK Decreasing?

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Rising Covid infection rates have prompted calls for tighter social distancing measures to be brought back across the country – but, curiously, the number of positive cases seems to have dropped in recent days. This downturn seems to go against... read more

Covid Cases Are At An All-Time High – What Is Going On?

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It might feel like we’re in a better place in the pandemic but actually, Covid cases are at an all-time high. Infections are at their highest since records began, according to new research by the React-1 study, which has been tracking cases... read more

Will There Be Another Lockdown In 2021? Here’s What We Know

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The government is repeatedly dodging calls for tighter restrictions despite rising Covid cases in the UK – so does this mean Britain could be heading for another its fourth lockdown in less than two years? Will there be another lockdown? There... read more

Could Covid Ruin Christmas Again? Here's What The Experts Say

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Prime minister Boris Johnson has refused to promise there won’t be any Covid restrictions over Christmas this year. In 2020, after people across the country made plans to spend Christmas Day with family and friends, the government imposed... read more

'I Fear I’ll Never Be The Same Again': Young People With Long Covid Speak Out

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Young patients suffering with the debilitating effects of long Covid have urged people to get their vaccine. A new NHS video features three previously healthy people in their early 20s and 30s, including a man who thought he would die with the... read more