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'We are edging ever closer': World could temporarily hit 1.5C warming within five years, WMO warns

Risk of reaching totemic climate threshold set out in the Paris Agreement on at least one of next five years now at 50 per cent, research shows There is now a 50 per cent chance of average global warming temporarily reaching the critical 1.5C mark within the next five years, underscoring the scale of the climate... go to Article >

Progress and disappointment: Bonn Conference kicks off new era for global climate talks, but same old stand-offs persist

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Fortnight-long meeting has made progress on number of technical issues, but disagreements over climate finance are now set to dominate the COP27 Climate Summit The latest Bonn Climate Conference came to a close yesterday... read more

'Boom and bust': Are coal and oil on the brink of permanent decline?

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Two reports out this week have highlighted how developments across 2021 are set to catalyse policy and technological trends that could catalyse the retreat of fossil fuels across the global energy system At times the fossil... read more

The sustainability leader's guide to climate targets and disclosure

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Assessing emissions and climate risk, then setting targets and reporting on progress, is a complex yet urgent undertaking – BusinessGreen's latest webinar with Planetly's Micha Schildmann offered a blueprint for effective corporate... read more

'We will not bend to the will of activists': As BP profits soar, government doubles down on oil and gas expansion plans

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The government is urging the oil and gas industry to ramp up investment in the 'clean energy technologies of the future', but can increased production really become compatible with net zero goals? The UK government is... read more

If a scary asteroid will actually strike Earth, here's how you'll know

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This story, originally published in June 2021, has been republished as part of Mashable's "Space Rocks" series.On April 13, 2029 (which happens to be Friday the 13th), something unsettling will happen.A decent-sized asteroid, the 1,100-foot-wide... read more

'They are not inevitable': How can businesses trigger clean tech tipping points in the 2020s?

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A new report warns time is running out to 'keep 1.5C alive' and rapid changes are needed across the economy to accelerate decarbonisation efforts – here are five key lessons for businesses striving to engineer tipping points for green... read more

'It is now or never': IPCC concludes the world has the tools and funding to halve emissions by 2030

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Governments approve landmark report that warns window for action is fast closing to avoid catastrophic climate change, but affordable technologies exist across every sector to slash emissions this decade The world already... read more

How many trillions are needed to build a global net zero economy?

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McKinsey analysis suggests $9.2tr needed every year to achieve net zero worldwide, but report stresses such massive investment should 'not be seen as merely costs' It is the multi-trillion dollar question: how much will... read more

'An atlas of human suffering': Top figures react to IPPC's latest climate warning

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Business leaders, economists, politicians, climate experts, green groups and more react to yet another dire warning from climate scientists Thousands of world's leading climate scientists, after over three years of work,... read more

Collective interest should spur us to deliver at COP27

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COP26 President Alok Sharma's speech urging international cooperation on climate as he lays out UK Presidency's priorities for the year ahead Around the world, 2021 saw troops mobilise, violence erupt, and relations... read more