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'We urgently need to prepare': Green figures react to the CCC's climate risk warning

All the top reaction from leading figures across business, politics, academia, think tanks and green groups to the CCC's latest assessment of the UK's preparedness for climate change Heatwaves, floods, storms, coastal erosion, landslides and even wildfires are set to hit many parts of the UK with increasing... go to Article >

How to beat the next pandemic? Start educating kids now.

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The next pandemic could happen next year. Or in 2033. Or 2052. It might come from one of hundreds of known coronaviruses now circulating in bats. It could be a nasty paramyxovirus, from goats. Or it might be a newly-mutated strain of flu that... read more

In Pictures: Climate Activists Target M25 For Fifth Time In Just Over A Week

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Climate protesters have walked onto the M25 and sat down in front of moving traffic as senior police officers warned their tactics are likely to cause “serious injury or death”. Some 38 activists from the group Insulate Britain were arrested on... read more

5 Reasons The UK's Climate Strategy Is Falling Short

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Prime minister Boris Johnson will be hosting the UN’s climate conference, COP26, in November, as world leaders come together to discuss saving the environment.  The UK has often presented itself as a leading nation when it comes to tackling the... read more

Chris Stark on the net zero transition: 'There is such a positive story of progress to tell here'

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CEO of the UK's Climate Change Committee calls for more debate and scrutiny over how to deliver the UK's net zero transition The head of the UK's climate advisory body has called for more public and political debate over... read more

'Time to step up': Top business leaders demand more 'aggressive' action to create 'fossil-free zones'

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Paul Polman, Agder Energi CEO Steffen Syvertsen, and Skift Business Climate Leaders CEO Bjørn K Haugland warn billions of lives stand to be affected by the escalating climate crisis The global business community must step... read more

'Possible, valuable, and transformative': Goverment urged to include public in net zero policy design

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Report from IfG warns public engagement is not sufficiently prioritised in policy making, despite being crucial UK’s transition to a more sustainable economy Advocates for the net zero transition are clearly preparing to... read more

'Climate breakdown has already begun': Green figures react to IPCC's landmark climate warning

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Roundup of reaction from politicians, NGOs, and business figures as the world's top climate scientists serve up latest evidence on scale of potential climate cataclysm ahead Today the world's leading climate scientists... read more

'We need to act fast': Wind energy CEOs urge G20 to acclerate turbine rollout

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Global climate goals at risk without more ambitious support for wind power from G20 countries, CEOs warn CEOs of the world's leading wind energy firms and turbine manufacturers have warned G20 leaders that they must... read more

Here's how to stop the climate change anxiety spiral and make a difference

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The monarch butterfly, known for its distinctive orange color, is now on the verge of extinction. Numbering in the millions in the 1980s, the monarch population has been in steep decline thanks to habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change.... read more

'Net zero doesn't solve the problem': Five key lessons from the CCC's climate risk assessment

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There are many urgent takeaways from the Climate Change Committee's stark UK climate preparedness assessment - here are the top five Every five years the Climate Change Committee (CCC) conducts a root-and-branch review of... read more