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'We will not bend to the will of activists': As BP profits soar, government doubles down on oil and gas expansion plans

The government is urging the oil and gas industry to ramp up investment in the 'clean energy technologies of the future', but can increased production really become compatible with net zero goals? The UK government is committed to achieving net zero emissions and clean technologies are more popular and... go to Article >

As Energy Prices Are Set To Soar To £4,000, What Are Politicians Proposing To Do About It?

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The energy price cap, which currently stands at £1,971, is set to increase to £3,582 in October and again to £4,000 in January.Last week saw the grimmest development yet for people struggling with the cost of living crisis, with experts predicting... read more

Energy crisis: Labour unveils £6bn home insulation plan, as pressure mounts on government for action

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Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak and Downing Street face mounting pressure to ramp up support for energy efficiency and billpayers as autumn draws nearer Downing Street is facing mounting pressure to scale-up its support for energy... read more

Can green Tories push the next PM to offer more support for insulation and heat pumps?

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Conservative Environment Network calls for expansion of schemes for energy efficiency and heat pumps, alongside longer-term clarity to encourage green investment A group of green Tories have set out a £9bn winter bills... read more

How Europe Is Shielding People From Soaring Energy Bills As UK Waits For New Leader

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15 July 2022, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: The controller for temperature setting on a gas boiler for heating and hot water in a household. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa (Photo by Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images)All across Europe,... read more

The cure to the cost-of-living crisis? A fossil fuel detox and retrofit revolution

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The government must revamp its 'half-hearted' windfall tax on fossil fuel companies to divert their bumper profits into home energy efficiency upgrades and support for low-income households, writes Ashden's Harriet Lamb... read more

Government insists it is 'fully behind' biomass as it seeks views on BECCS plans

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BEIS touts biomass with carbon capture as crucial to its net zero agenda, despite fresh claims that Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng thinks importing wood pellets from US 'doesn’t make any sense' The government is pushing... read more

Sunak v Truss: Who is the greenest candidate?

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The former Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary will now battle it out to become the next Prime Minister, but who has the most impressive green vision? After a dramatic few weeks in Westminster, Conservative MPs yesterday... read more

Why Are Energy Bills Rising When Suppliers Are Making Record Profits?

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Bills are set to top £4,200 per year for the average British household from the start of January, after already rising to £3,600 in October.Households are facing dire financial straits because of soaring energy bills at the same time as companies... read more

Rishi Sunak Hints At Cost Of Living Hand-Outs In Dividing Line With Liz Truss

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Rishi Sunak at an event in Ribble Valley, as part of the campaign to be leader of the Conservative Party and the next prime minister.Rishi Sunak has said he will help families to get through an “extremely tough” winter with cost-of-living support,... read more

Lib Dems Call For £36bn Intervention To Pay For Soaring Energy Bills

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A homeowner turning down the temperature of a gas boiler.The Liberal Democrats have said October’s energy bill price cap increase should be cancelled by the next prime minister to help households save hundreds of pounds, in the latest attempt to... read more