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When is debt consolidation a good idea (and when it is not so great)?

  When we were in debt we didn’t even have the luxury to ask when is debt consolidation a good idea. We had to consolidate because we had so much debt that simply paying the credit card minimum payments was pushing us further into debt. We didn’t stop to think, we simply picked up the […] The post When is debt consolidation a good... go to Article >

‘Only Murders in the Building’ Creator on Finale’s Killer Reveal and Steve Martin’s ‘Slam-Bam Insanity’ Physical Comedy

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Season 1 finale of “Only Murders in the Building.”) “Only Murders in the Building” finally answered the question of “Who killed Tim Kono?” — with the correct murderer, this time — in its Season 1... read more

Heat and Buildings Strategy: The Reaction

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Is the long-awaited plan 'a massive milestone in our fight against climate change' or 'a meagre, unambitious and wholly inadequate response'? The government last night announced its long-awaited Heat and Buildings... read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a strong 2-in-1 with too many hidden fees

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Microsoft's newest addition to the Surface lineup — the Surface Pro 8 — proves the old adage "you get what you pay for" sometimes needs additional context. In this case, be ready to drop a hefty chunk of change for this Windows 11 tablet itself... read more

Dressed in His Righteousness Alone: What Is Justification by Faith?

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I’ll never forget meeting up with a mentor of mine at Starbucks shortly after becoming a Christian. We regularly met there to read and study the Bible. One day, a person walked by and was elated to find Christians. But during our conversation, my... read more


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The North Yorkshire town of Scarborough is right up there on the list of the UK's best seaside resorts. This photo shows one reason why. The town sits peripherally on the east coast, 200 miles north of London and just south of the Yorkshire Moors.... read more

‘You’ Actress Tati Gabrielle on Where Marienne Went and What Happens If She’s Found

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of “You.”) Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) got the heck out of dodge before getting too twisted up with serial stalker/killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) at the end of “You” Season 3,... read more

‘Batwoman': Rachel Skarsten Teases Awkwardness to Come After Alice Joins the Bat Team

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the season 3 premiere of “Batwoman” on The CW. “Batwoman” has returned for season 3, and Alice is officially part of the Bat Team — well, sort of. In reality, she used her devious nature to rat out Ryan and the fact... read more

‘The Velvet Underground’ Film Review: Todd Haynes Makes an Immersive and Essential Rock Doc

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This review of “The Velvet Underground” was first published on July 7 after the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. “The Velvet Underground” is a rock ‘n’ roll documentary that doesn’t really follow the normal rules for rock-docs —... read more

Critics Choice Awards to Keep January Date Despite ‘Hostile’ Move By HFPA to Schedule Golden Globes on Same Night

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The Critics Choice Awards have no desire to move off of its Jan. 9, 2022 date, despite the Hollywood Foreign Press Association scheduling the Golden Globes (which will likely not have a telecast partner) for that same night. “Perhaps you saw... read more

Researchers Find Android Phones Still Track You, Even When You Opt Out

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Photo: Leon Neal (Getty Images)  If you use an Android phone and are (rightfully!) worried about digital privacy, you’ve probably taken care of the basics already. You’ve deleted the snoopiest of the snoopy apps, opted out of tracking whenever... read more