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Why is my hay fever so bad?

IN 2021, people could be facing a double whammy as the peak pollen season collides with hot, humid weather and the easing of lockdown. But why is lockdown, the weather and climate change all making hay fever season worse? How long will the season last? Hay fever affects about a quarter of the population and […] go to Article >

Legendary investor Howard Marks thinks we are at the bull market stage where 'people tend to accept the trees will grow to the sky.' He explains...

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Summary List PlacementHoward Marks is known as somewhat of a philosopher king in the world of investing.  The co-chairman of the $153 billion Oaktree Capital Management has not only built the world's largest distressed-debt investment firm but... read more

The Day My Husband Murdered Our Kids

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Photo: Marjan Apostolovic / Shutterstock Zoey Mendoza had never spoken about the October day in 2010 when her husband Kurtis Birth tragically murdered their two children, Jada, 5, and Jordan, 3. Mendoza opens up to Christine... read more

ENT doctors debunk 11 ear and nose myths

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Summary List PlacementFollowing is a transcript of the video. Erich Voigt: "To stop a nosebleed, pinch the bridge of your nose and tilt your head back." That's the exact opposite of what you should do. Jackie Jones: "It's OK to use Q-tips to... read more

ten million

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10000000: Sometime this evening, probably around nine o'clock, diamond geezer will receive its ten millionth visitor. More accurately it'll be the ten millionth time that an archaic stats package has registered a unique visit, which very much... read more

NBA mock draft 2021: SB Nation bloggers make picks for their teams

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It’s time for the SB Nation NBA mock draft with picks made by our team communities. The NBA playoffs are over, the Milwaukee Bucks are champions, and it’s officially time to roll into draft season. The 2021 NBA Draft is going down... read more

I moved to Miami instead of the Bay Area to start my tech career 3 years ago. Here's why it was the right choice.

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Summary List PlacementI'm the chief product owner at On The Map Marketing, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Miami, Florida.  I moved here about three years ago from New Jersey after seeing the potential the market had for growth in... read more

College rankings have made school less affordable, less equitable, and more miserable for students. The pandemic exposed just how broken the system...

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Summary List PlacementEarly September is a blisteringly busy time for colleges and universities, with the start of the new semester and a whole new class of students kicking off the year of studies. But while everyone else is celebrating the... read more

A fully vaccinated mom caught COVID-19 after her kids went to summer camp: 'Our kids are Trojan-horsing us'

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Summary List PlacementAfter more than a year of careful masking, distancing, and worrying about getting COVID-19, Hilary Young was fully vaccinated with mRNA shots, and ready to have some fun this summer with her family.  "We were having a hot... read more

Financial experts told me I should stop renting and a buy a home, but I'm ignoring their advice for 3 reasons

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Summary List PlacementOver the past year, many of my friends decided to ditch renting and buy homes. As I watched them go through the process of finding a realtor, getting a mortgage, and closing on their very first homes, I couldn't help but... read more

5 Toxic Behaviours Parents Engage In – Without Realising It

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There isn’t a clear-cut definition of what it means to engage in “toxic” behaviours — or to be a “toxic” parent — because it’s not a clinical term. When the behaviours or relationship are really toxic, though, it’s usually pretty easy to tell,... read more