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Why It's Not Straightforward To Say Lockdowns Caused More Deaths Than Covid

Pedestrians wear face masks as they walk along the High Street on December 11, 2020Fears that the ongoing effects of lockdowns could be causing higher excess death rates led The Telegraph’s front page on Friday – but that claim is not the full picture.There are still excess deaths – data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)... go to Article >

Older Adults Who Had Covid May Be More At Risk Of Alzheimer's

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Though Covid was originally thought to be a respiratory virus, it’s become increasingly clear that the virus can have serious consequences on brain health. Many people have experienced neurologicalsymptoms – like loss of taste and smell, headache... read more

International Monetary Fund Rebukes UK's Economic Plan Amid Turmoil. Here''s Why It Matters

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Foreign currency exchange rates are displayed in Fleet Street.The International Monetary Fund has made a stunning intervention over the state of the UK economy after the Tory mini-budget caused financial turmoil. In the group’s first public... read more

Flu Vaccine 'Critical' For All UK Kids, Warns Australian Paediatrician

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An Australian paediatrician who worked on the front line during the country’s flu season has warned UK parents to get their children vaccinated with the flu jab ahead of winter.Associate professor Margie Danchin, who works as a paediatrician at... read more

For Black Brits, The Queen’s Death Is Raking Up Conflicted Feelings

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Mourners lay flowers for the Queen outside Buckingham Palace on Friday.After a record-breaking 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. She was the country’s longest-serving monarch, so it’s no surprise that her death is a... read more

How To Talk To Children About The Queen's Death

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Only a few months ago, children across the country enjoyed lessons about the Queen and her life, as primary schools across the country marked the Platinum Jubilee. Now, they’ll be facing the news that the country’s longest-running monarch  has... read more

The 1.5C global heating target is more than just a number | Letters

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Neil Blackshaw laments those who dismiss expert advice on the climate crisis, while Aaron Turpin urges individuals to take responsibilityBill McGuire makes a simple but powerful and totally convincing point (Why we should forget about the 1.5C... read more

Liz Truss Prepares To Relaunch Her Government As Politics Returns With A Vengeance

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Liz Truss outside 10 Downing Street after meeting Queen Elizabeth II and accepting her invitation to become prime minister and form a new government.Not many people get a second chance to make a first impression.But the death of the Queen, just... read more

More And More People Have 'Lifestyle Fatigue.' Maybe You Do, Too.

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Many people are feeling off right now, especially in comparison with their 2019 selves or routines, experts say.Even though we’re armed with Covid-19 vaccines and updated booster jabs, the world is still largely in a different (and often anxious)... read more

Royal Rebrands Are A Thing. Has Charles Already Started His?

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King Charles III has been in the spotlight for his entire life – but is he due a rebrand now he’s head of state?Until September 8, Charles was the world’s longest serving heir, having been the first-in-line to the throne since 1952. That’s 70... read more

How Worried Should We Be About Nuclear War?

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 Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use his nuclear weapons Vladimir Putin made a rare public address on Wednesday and announced that he was “not bluffing” when he warned he could use his nuclear weapons.It is being seen primarily... read more