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Why TCM Is Showing Problematic Films Like ‘Gone With the Wind’ – And Won’t Rule Out Woody Allen Classics

Movies like “Gone With the Wind,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and John Wayne’s “The Searchers” are all-time Hollywood classics and beloved by many. But they also have material touching on their depiction of nonwhite characters that could make audiences cringe, especially in 2021. Beginning on Thursday, Turner Classic Movies plans to... go to Article >

TCM to Lead Search for Orson Welles’ Lost Cut of ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’ for Documentary

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One of the biggest lost treasures of cinema history is the missing, destroyed footage of Orson Welles’ follow-up to “Citizen Kane,” “The Magnificent Ambersons.” And Turner Classic Movies is now working on a documentary about the search for that... read more

How Defiant Studios Banks on a Financing Model With Microbudgets and Emerging Talent

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Within the DNA for Defiant Studios, the production banner behind Terry Crews’ 2020 hit “John Henry” and last month’s “Phobias,” are two companies: You’ve definitely heard of the scrappy, microbudget mentality that has made Blumhouse Productions a... read more

Sinclair Broadcast Group to Cut 5% of Staff Amid ‘Profound Impact’ From Pandemic

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Sinclair Broadcasting Group, one of the largest local station groups, is laying off around 5% of its staff amid a continued economic impact by the COVID-19 pandemic. “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt across all sectors of... read more

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist': Will Simon Find Out About Zoey’s Powers?

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(Warning, slight spoilers ahead for this week’s “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” episode titled “Zoey’s Extraordinary Girls’ Night.”) Zoey’s powers are getting a bit more complicated on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” and as a result, a bit... read more

‘The Nevers': Laura Donnelly on Why It’s Important That Amalia Can’t Remember Maladie

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 2 of “The Nevers.”) If it wasn’t clear to you by the end of the series premiere of “The Nevers” that the villainous “Touched” woman Maladie (played by Amy Manson) has a personal vendetta against... read more

‘Fear the Walking Dead': June Was Right to Do What She Did

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(This article contains major spoilers for the episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” that aired April 18 on AMC) Well, I don’t think that went quite the way anyone expected it to. This week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” had the feel of a... read more

‘Mare of Easttown’ Producers on Premiere’s Big Twist for Kate Winslet’s Detective

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s series premiere of the HBO limited series “Mare of Easttown.”) For the better part of the first episode of HBO’s new Kate Winslet-led limited series, “Mare of Easttown,” viewers might have been... read more

Scott Rudin Accused of Bullying Former Assistant Who Later Took His Own Life (Video)

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The brother of one of Scott Rudin’s former assistants posted an emotional video on Twitter Sunday night, accusing the disgraced producer of verbally abusing his twin brother so severely that he took his own life and vows to spread the word “to... read more

Pacific Theatres at the Grove and Americana Will ‘No Doubt’ Reopen, Mall Owner Rick Caruso Says

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Pacific Theatres may be closing 300 theaters in California, but two of the chain’s biggest multiplexes at the Grove and the Americana in Los Angeles won’t be shutting their doors for good, according to the malls’ billionaire owner Rick Caruso.... read more

Sutton Foster Speaks Out About Broadway Producer Scott Rudin Pulling Out of ‘Music Man’ Revival (Video)

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“Younger” actress Sutton Foster opened up on Sunday about producer Scott Rudin stepping back from involvement on his Broadway shows like “The Music Man” — in which Foster stars — in light of a scathing expose of his workplace abusive behavior,... read more

Time’s Up Demands Scott Rudin Release Former Staff From NDAs

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Time’s Up Foundation president and CEO Tina Tchen is demanding that film and theater producer Scott Rudin release his former staff from nondisclosure agreements they may have signed as a condition of employment amid mounting accusations of... read more