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'Woefully prepared': How can the UK plug its looming net zero skills gap?

New report from think tank Onward warns that without a major revamp of the UK's skills strategy its net zero goals and economic competitiveness will be at risk The UK's skills shortage is a well-documented and long-standing phenomenon, which has seen successive governments launch policies to enhance technical... go to Article >

'Allow women to play a leading role in shaping the future': Why the UK's green recovery must level up gender inequalities

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Report from PwC warns business and government must embed gender equality into their green growth plans, noting that current levels of understanding about green jobs remains limited among women The vast majority of women... read more

Gridlock Britain: Is the UK prepared for the rapid demise of fuel duty?

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New report from Tony Blair Institute warns failure to prepare for the accelerating shift to electric vehicles could hit Treasury coffers and trigger a new wave of congestion on the roads The UK is at risk of a new era of... read more

Government preps autumn green bond and pension push, but tensions over net zero plans remain

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Debate over how to fund raft of net zero programmes looks set to dominate the coming months The government is reportedly poised to issue its first green sovereign bond in the next few weeks, as it looks to kick off an... read more

Retrofitting UK homes to net zero: A cunning plan

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British Energy Efficiency Federation chair Andrew Warren sets out his vision for building a thriving market for domestic green homes upgrades It is universally acknowledged that Britain needs urgently to improve the... read more

From laggard to leader: How the UK can capitalise on the heat pump opportunity

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Policy and investment to boost domestic manufacturing and skills training are urgently required to support the heat pump rollout, explains Dr Richard Lowes from the Regulatory Assistance Project The urgent tone of the... read more

'Make-or-break moment': Why business, unions, and campaigners are united in urging government to fix faltering climate strategy

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The CBI, the TUC, and Green Alliance are all issuing much the same message: the government has just weeks left to deliver a genuinely credible net zero plan It is not every day that you find that the UK's biggest business... read more

Net zero academies could be critical to plugging the UK's net zero skills shortage

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Recasting further education colleges into 'net zero academies' that equip workers with crucial skills that can accelerate the decarbonisation of the UK's homes, transport and industry, argues Onward's Alex Luke Of all the... read more

Green Jobs Taskforce calls for 'detailed policy plan' to prepare UK workforce for net zero

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Group convened by BEIS and Department of Education has published its wish list for how government can help rapidly expand the UK's 'green' workforce An independent taskforce convened by the government last November has... read more

Hydrogen Strategy: Six key indicators about the government's net zero vision

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The UK's first ever Hydrogen Strategy finally arrived this week - what does it reveal about the government's net zero agenda? Hydrogen has been described as the "monkey wrench" of the net zero transition, owing to its... read more

England needs to urgently accelerate the resource efficiency agenda to reach net zero

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The government’s policy commitments on resource efficiency to date have lacked ambition, pace and scope, writes Kate Young from the Aldersgate Group The recent Dasgupta Review commissioned by the UK government illuminated... read more