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Car insurance costs rise for first time in 18 months

29 Days ago Motors Source:

The cost of car insurance has increased compared to the previous year for the first time in 18 months. read more

Loyalty to LV has cost me higher car insurance premiums

15 Days ago Finance Source:

... across the sector was the lowest since 2015. It’s true that the cost of many car insurance policies fell by an average of 6% during the pandemic, but LV actually raised yours by 10% in 2020 and by 15.6% ... read more

How to get money back with this car insurance deal as insurance premiums rise by 68%

30 Days ago News Source:

Find out how you can get cash back when renewing your car insurance read more

Top ten ways to save up to £1,000 on your car and home insurance premiums

20 Days ago News Source:

As the cost of living crisis continues Brits can save hundreds of pounds on both car and home insurance by making sure they follow these tips from consumer group Which? read more

Direct Line mix-up led to £300 fine and six points on licence

10 Days ago Finance Source:

... Direct Line and I thought it was a big misunderstanding. We paid £90 on the spot for the temporary car insurance we needed to be able to legally drive away in our vehicle.However, it turned out that Direct Line ... read more

Driver filmed overtaking dangerously blamed another man he said had borrowed his car

8 Days ago News Source:

The unsuspecting victim only found out he had been penalised when he was turned down for a car insurance policy read more

Barrel-scraper Grant Shapps is taking us for a ride | Stewart Lee

26 Days ago News Source:

... to Brexit,” Shapps boasted, snake-oil style, “we’ve been able to ditch the Vnuk law” (requiring car insurance to also cover ride-on lawnmowers and golf buggies). “And in these difficult financial times,” Shapps ... read more

Where do the best and worst drivers live? New study claims to reveal all

27 Days ago Motors Source:

Analysis of seven million car insurance enquiries has put in order the locations with the motorists with the highest proportion of accident claims on their record. read more