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iPhone App Development Services- 2014 Business Trends

6 Days ago Tech Source:

... colors. Moving to CloudThere is good news for iPhone app users. Now, it can simply move to cloud computing that means you can run your application on the Internet other than the businesses' own servers. There ... read more

Digital Ocean won't let new customers create resources in four DCs, won't say why

1 Day ago Tech Source:

Can't even spin up the compute necessary to reply Digital Ocean has cloud capacity issues and won't say what the problem is.… read more

Ofcom to investigate tech giants’ dominance of cloud computing

9 Days ago News Source:

... will investigate the world’s biggest tech companies to ensure their dominance in areas such as cloud computing, messaging and smart devices works for the people and businesses of Britain, the communications ... read more

Google CEO Pichai: We need to up productivity by a fifth

24 Days ago Tech Source:

... restructuring key goals and expunging needless meetings Google execs are embarking on a company-wide efficiency drive to make the digital advertising and cloud computing business 20 percent more productive.… read more

AWS still growing amid talk of global economic woes

64 Days ago Tech Source:

No stopping the cloud computing division but losses mount on retail side as consumers catch a cold The unstoppable cloud sales juggernaut that is Amazon Web Services brought in a third more business for its ... read more

Have the tech giants finally had their bubble burst? I’d hate to speculate | John Naughton

56 Days ago News Source:

... its own shares. Amazon laid out $50bn in 2021 on warehouses, hiring tens of thousands of employees, ordering fleets of electric vehicles and building cloud computing centres. And so on. Continue reading... read more

Mergers and acquisitions put zero trust to the ultimate test

80 Days ago Tech Source:

... of use cases for the zero-trust platform, from security for a growing distributed, virtualized IT environment a nascent cloud computing environment to improved network visibility and identity governance.… read more

Windows 11 comes to AWS EC2 as a VM import option

59 Days ago Tech Source:

UEFI is sorted, but BYO licenses are required Amazon Web Services has found a way to let its customers run Windows 11 in its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).… read more