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May I have a word about… the language of cricket | Jonathan Bouquet

1 Day ago News Source:

... and received a sympathetic message from Nick Chadwick of Oxford, who also alerted me to a musical conference called “Envoicing the Other”. He, like me, is thoroughly bewildered by “envoicing”, for, as he says ... read more

Biden calls Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama a 'Japanese boy' during press conference with PM Suga 

3 Days ago News Source:

Matsuyama, 29, made history last weekend when he became the first Japanese-born male player to win the coveted Green Jacket at Augusta. read more

Company executives are reportedly using Clubhouse to woo individual-shareholders as retail investors become a stronger force in the stock market

5 Days ago Finance Source:

... . After hosting a post-earnings report conference call with Wall street analysts, executives ... of $18 billion, JPMorgan noted. Meanwhile, measures of call option buying that rose to a record high in January ... read more

Bloomberg: Future HomePod May Feature iPad Connected Via Robotic Arm to Track Users Around The Room During FaceTime Calls

7 Days ago Tech Source:

... connected to a robotic arm and utilizes facial recognition to keep users in frame during conference calls or when summoned for attention. Bloomberg notes that the development of this high-end speaker is ... read more

Chip shortages will continue until 2023, superfoundry TSMC says

4 Days ago Other Source:

... and yet the supply of available chips won’t be easing anytime soon. In fact, TSMC said during a conference call Thursday local time that the company doesn’t see the supply crunch easing until 2023, according to ... read more

Apple's chip foundry confirms the iPhone 13 won't have a 3nm A15 processor

4 Days ago Tech Source:

We just got off a quarterly results conference call with TSMC, and a frugal 3nm A16 is only in the cards for the iPhone 14. read more

7 quirky job perks small business owners are using to attract top talent, from custom $1,200 suits to a gifted Peloton

7 Days ago Finance Source:

Summary List PlacementFrom fully remote work to seemingly endless video conference calls, COVID-19 has no doubt changed the way we work over the last year.  And while its long-lasting effects remain to be ... read more

Alibaba shares soar as it plays down hit from record $2.78bn fine

7 Days ago News Source:

... Saturday after a months-long probe concluded it had been abusing its dominant market position. But in a conference call to investors on Monday, Alibaba’s board put a positive spin on the regulatory blow, saying ... read more