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Desperate families 'rushing to sell cars' amid cost of living crisis

Source: Birmingham Mail

Increasing numbers of people in the West Midlands are considering selling their cars so they can make some extra cash to help them cope with the... read more

I lost my entire savings buying a car online – it never turned up and I’m £4k out of pocket

Source: The Sun

A DRIVER lost all of his savings – and some of his mum’s – after buying a £4,000 car online that never turned up. Pietro... read more

China wants to conquer Britain’s car market – but should you buy their vehicles?

Source: The Daily Telegraph on

After earlier attempts stalled, Chinese cars are poised for a breakthrough in the UK Drivers looking for a new car will typically find themselves... read more

'Opt out!': Drivers warned of vital steps before selling car or risk losing bank details

Source: Daily Express

Drivers are being urged to delete all of their data from their car when they sell them or they could have their personal information stolen by... read more

We Buy Any Car deal end Phillip Schofield's £1m deal as Queuegate petition hits 75k

Source: Daily Record on

Phillip Schofield's £1million We Buy Any Car deal has come to an end after five years, but the car dealership say it's unrelated to the... read more

I took £20 to a huge car boot sale to do some Christmas shopping and found some insanely good bargains

Source: Birmingham Mail

But what I didn't explain in that article was why I agreed to waking up before the crack of dawn to go there in the first place. I had plans to... read more

Aussie woman wins nearly $20k on the pokies and uses her prize money to buy a brand new car

Source: Daily Mail

New South Wales woman Gayle-maree Yates won big after taking a gamble at her local pub and walking away with $16,674. read more

Tesla unveils robot ‘to be sold for less than a car in three to five years’

Source: Metro

Mr Musk said he planned to produce millions of the humanoids and sell them for less than £18,000, a third of the price of Tesla’s Model... read more

You can buy a new electric car for £1,900 that looks like a Mini and has twin touchscreens inside – but there’s a catch

Source: The Sun

AS THE deadline for a ban on new cars being anything other than electric gets closer, many are still worried about the price of EVs. However, there... read more

Sharp rise in the price of used cars

Source: Leicester Mercury

According to carwow, these figures show that now is a good time for Brits to sell their used cars if they wish to cash in on prices being at some... read more