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Dedicated servers vs VPS: Which is best for your business?

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Best VPS hosting in 2021

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Best VPS hosting for 2021 - CNET

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The best cheap web hosting services to help you claim a spot on the web

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... lot kinder to your wallet than opting for a VPS or dedicated server. What's the difference between cheap ... of traffic. In the case of a virtual private server (VPS), space is still shared but by much fewer sites, ... read more

VPS web hosting: Everything your business needs to know

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Cisco's leadership salaries revealed: How much the enterprise-tech giant pays top executives, VPs, and directors

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... slate of vice presidents and sales executives earning in the mid-to-low six figures. Those include VPs of finance and engineering, as well as executives working on AppDynamics, the firm's performance-monitoring ... read more

Leaked Amazon Web Services email reveals cloud executive shuffle as 23-year company veteran Charlie Bell departs (AMZN)

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... plans to leave the company after 23 years. Bell's departure is the latest in an "exodus" of VPs at Amazon, and comes during the company's most significant leadership shift as former AWS CEO Andy Jassy replaces ... read more

Amazon Web Services insiders worry its executive brain drain leaves a leadership vacuum that not many can fill (AMZN)

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... Amazon insiders, they told Insider: On August 9, new AWS CEO Adam Selipsky sent an email to VPs announcing that senior VP Charlie Bell, a 23-year Amazon veteran and one of the original masterminds behind AWS ... read more